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      Question My first attempt at dream control

      Last night i tried entering sleep but to stay conscious. at first i doubted if id be able to do it but i kept trying.

      i tried following the guide but i couldn't remember it. so i regulated by breath and counted to almost 300 as i had problems lying still. then i tried becoming heavy for a long time, then i focused on the lights behind my eyelids. they seemed more flat than usual. after a while of doing that and telling myself how important things were and such. then i was overwhelmed by a massive feeling. it felt like my skin was sort of burning, my eyes were freezing, like the flat space between my eyelids became space, then it looked like i was inside a ball, and it felt like i turned blind, it felt like my nerves retreated and collapsed, it felt like my arms were turned and my legs didn't exist. i had troubles keeping my eyes closed and stay focused, i got frightened and my heart was hammering like mad.
      i lost focus and the feeling went away, but i was too tired to try again and i just felt like sleeping, but i was too hyper to sleep until later on.

      although i was unable to dream i did remember three dreams from the night before that i was trying hard to remember in the day. im pretty happy and proud just for that c:

      but tell me, is that feeling i had the sleep paralysis?

      i need to find away i can not be scared. is my hear rate supposed to explode?

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      I'd say it's sleep paralysis. And your heart only did that because you were frightened/excited.

      Try telling yourself that it's only your body falling asleep, there's nothing to be scared of, this happens to everyone every time they're falling asleep. Keep your breathing slow and relaxed.

      Good luck!
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      Well, eventually your heart rate will go wild [as it normally is in REM sleep] but I think the whole heart-rate thing there was from excitement or nervousness of the unknown. It's happened to me before when I've tried to WILD so I guess it's fairly normal. [Which you really are trying to WILD just for reference]

      And yeah, the whole numb and nothing's really there along with the tingling skin feeling is SP.

      Congrants on the first attempt, now you know what to expect so good luck and my best wishes to you!


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