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      Newbie wanting help.

      Hello, I just recently found out about lucid dreaming, and I'm very interested in trying it. However, this may be just me, but I feel like it may be harder and more different for me to start from what I have been comparing other people's dreams to mine.

      For example, mine are in third person, sort of like a video game or a movie. I usually dont have many dreams or I believe it is because my brain erases my memory of them. I can recall the ones I have really well, like one of my dream signs is flying because that happens often when I do have a dream, but I only have 3 to4 dreams every 3 weeks. Also, because I'm new I'm not sure how to start or what techniques to use.

      In generally, I am asking how to:
      1 induce more dreams
      2 How to start and which method is best to start
      3 Descriptions of normal lucid dreams and how they feel, so I know better of how they work
      4 How long an average person takes to became relatively good at lucid dreams

      Thank you, and I hope I can start talking about my dreams as well

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      You are at the same spot as most people when they start. You dream every night weather you remember it or not and you have atleast one every REM cycle. Our memories of our dreams are very temporary so you need to try and remeber it right when you wake up. You may think you forgot it seconds after waking but if you dont move (moving makes you forget them more) and go back to the position you were asleep in if you did move you can remeber it alot better and it will probably all floud back if you try. After that you have to write it down in a dream journal because you will forget it again. Think through the dream once or twice which helps me solidify the memory from a temporary memory to a normal one which I can remeber days latter sometimes. Just dont get frustrated. Look through the forums and to find more things about dream recal. Infact look through all the tutorials they will help alot. Start doing reality checks all the time and eventualy you will get a lucid dream. Moniter your sleeping patterns and get acustom to them. It took me a week to get my first lucid but it sometimes takes people alot longer. If you try hard and have the right mind set however it will take you no time.

      Also full lucids feel awsome! I've only had 2 full length onse and one that woke me up in a second and a few semi lucids but trust me its awsome. Just don't get over excited or youl wake youself up and prepare yourself for it by readin tutorials. It feels exactly as real as real life except you have complete control over everything. Good luck pm me if you have a question
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      hi, you can start talking about your dreams whenever you feel ready , most of my non lucid dreams have been in the third person. i find if i have a quiet space for an hour , my lucid dreams seem to start with bits of detail, for example being in a grass field and realising im awake, i suppose my no.1 tip is concentration. try to be aware of yourself, all the best

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