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      Wanting to wake while in a DILD

      Hello there,

      First of all, a DILD is when you realize that you are dreaming in the midle of the dream and then you gain control, right?

      So that is the experience I have had a few times in the past.

      The thing is, every time I have experienced this, I usually have felt panic about it and I have always tried to force myself to wake up.

      Is there any explanation to why I react this way?

      Thanks in advance!

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      Maybe you're scared of lucid dreaming. I mean, you might deny that you are scared, but maybe you subconsciously have a fear of it. It's normal, because a lot of people don't lucid dream, and when they first experience, it doesn't feel normal and they try to force themselves to wake up. Sorry, that's not a very good explanation, but I hope you get the point.

      If you really want to experience, the lucid dream, when you get that feeling that you want to get out of it, just concentrate to stay in the dream. You can try some dream clarification things, like spinning around or something, and that may help.

      Good luck in your dreams!

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