Just something I thought of for fun. Here are some guidelines

1. make a picture of the product (optional)
2. The invention doesn't need to be possible. (But it can if you want)
3. You MUST explain how the product works (Try to make the explanation sound scientific, pseudoscience works)
4. If you don't do rule 1 then explain what it looks like
5.Make it seem like you are presenting this product to someone
6. Tell how much it cost
6. Have fun!

Here is an example:

Hello. I would like to present to you something that can change the world! And piss off the power companies at the same time! I present to you the free energy sphere!
It is a round silver colored sphere with a diameter of 6 inches. It is much heavier than it looks however. It weighs 20 pounds.

Now what this product does is project energy 360 degrees all around it which powers up all technology within it's vicinity. How is this possible? Well you know that infamous rule of science "energy cannot be created or destroyed" the truth is this is not entirely true. On a quantum level you are creating energy right now, it's called thought energy. Your thoughts literally change the world around you on a quantum level. Everytime you think you are projecting your energy in this world. This world is full of 'noisy' thinkers and there are thoughts surrounding us all the time. We are swimming in this thought energy. The sphere takes advantage of this. It captures this thought energy and then converts this energy into usable electric energy then it outputs this energy into the air which then powers up all technology within it's range. The current range right now is 80 feet.

You may be wondering if this product is safe. Anyone within this sphere's range is being hit by this energetic current. This energetic current does not harm you, in matter of fact it is good for you! It energizes you and promotes a healthy body. You no longer need to take stimulants like caffeine. This product is very durable and won't break easily. The only time this product will stop working is if all life on earth ceases to exist. The chance of this happening is extremely low so you basically have a free source of energy that will last virtually forever! All powered by thought! This product will be sold for 60 dollars per unit so everyone can benefit from the effects of the free energy sphere!