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    1. DEILD mishaps.

      by , 07-28-2013 at 11:02 PM
      I DEILD. As I entered the dream I see my mom is sleeping though I know irl she is at work. I go upstairs and some weird things happen after I did a RC. As soon as I did a RC. The carpet that my foot was under started to move. Not only that but the carpet got stuck under my feet and it was really irritating. Next odd thing was that this strange "fuzz" starts impairing my vision and I couldn't get it off. (My dream control is just bad) I just decide to just close my dream eyes. I then try to move but then I somehow prick my finger on something. I felt a sharp pain in my right index finger. I then just decided to just force my self awake. I shake my dream body and in a few moments I am awake, I decide to try to DEILD again. After going through the vibrations and whatnot I enter the dream. This time the fuzz that impaired my vision was there again and my bedsheets "stuck" on to me, like wrapped its self around me. At this point I had no desire to be lucid and lost lucidity at that point. The dream goes in a different direction and is about me convincing my mom about how a dog has rabies or something.
    2. Psychic territory

      by , 07-03-2013 at 06:48 PM
      I am at a food court with a bunch of people when all of a sudden I sense something strange. I knew that a psychic has unleashed his/her powers. I scan the workers at the food court with my finger. I noticed one woman had this evil grin on her face. I knew it was her. She threw something at the people in line and everyone all of a sudden got sick. I foolishly pick up the object and I felt very dizzy for a moment. I have powers of my own. I use them to possess a belt and have it whip at her. It hit her so hard that she flew to the other side of the food court. She throws the belt off her and it slides on the ground far away from me eventually hitting a wall. I try to force pull the belt back to me but it kept sliding. Hand to hand it was then. I had her pinned. I knew that in order for her powers to stop affecting the people, she would have to die or get knocked out. However the psychic hints at me that that won't be possible. "You mean I can't knock you out?". "Yes!" she replied.

      We stop fighting. She begins to leave. I ask "are you going to relinquish your territory?" she says "I'll think about it, but I need to be alone now, and don't follow me with that belt" She goes outside into the night. It seemed to be over now. I walk around and see someone that looks like he is from star trek. "Captain?" I said to him. He just laughs and I move on. I go into a small restaurant that makes pizza but there are only a few people inside. A kid has some popcorn in his hand and it looks like he is about to throw it at me. "ready?" he said. I leave without saying a word. I meet some bad guys and they know about me but they say they don't want to fight right now. one of them says "just act silly, a challenge awaits"
    3. I think I was being manipulated

      by , 03-25-2013 at 08:23 PM
      I meet this young woman that is probably a freshman in college. I am walking home. Our paths are similar and she constantly looks behind herself. All of a sudden bees or some flies come out of her hair and start attacking me. I shoo them away as best I could. I see the girl has some sort of smirk on her face. I felt like she was responsible for this and I began to question her about it. I realize her hair was a combo of red and orange. She somehow changes the conversation to just her hair and I forget all about questioning her. ( I feel like I could've been lucid if I kept questioning it). I then begin to walk with her then I started hearing strange voices in my head saying things like "Protect her..." "Help her" I became more interested in her as things went on. Somehow me and her get trapped in some sort of cave. Then we talk about what I plan to do for the future and I tell her computer programming and she asks me "is that a high demanding job" then we escape. All the while these voices saying "protect her" were still going on and I became more curious about her. (Is this not mind control?). Before that entire event. I was trying to catch a boat to an island nearby. I was nervous because I realized I forgot my keys to my house for when I return. It was close to night but still some sunlight. I decide not to take the boat because it was crowded. Then thats when I somehow ended up at this college looking place and met the girl. When I woke up, I couldn't help but feel like this DC was playing me the whole time.
    4. DEILD: Kidnapped

      by , 03-25-2013 at 08:12 PM
      I feel the vibrations almost immediately after waking up. I felt new sensations such as my head "sinking" into the pillow and it felt like I was under something. I get up and open my eyes but I see weird visuals and I get teleported back into my bed. Instead of opening my eyes I just allowed my dream to come into focus and after a few seconds the visuals faded in and I could see. Infront of me was the window and there is daylight coming through. To my right is the hallway that leads to the living room, the living room window had no daylight, it looked like it was nighttime. I walk into my living room and I see my mom sleeping on the couch I decide not to bother her. I look through the window and I see men crawling around. I hear a voice narration say they are after me. I foolishly believe it. I try to escape the apartment but before I could get to the door three men open it and try to get me. I went past them and went outside. It is night out. I manage to get away from them by turning invisible. I do so by crossing my middle finger over my index finger and I just turn invisible but the power doesn't last long and I am caught. Now suddenly I am talking to my mom. There is this thing in my throat that helps me breathe and I am angry at my mom. I am talking with her on the phone, asking her why did she attach this thing onto my throat without asking me. She doesn't respond at all. I do hear some sort of electronic voice, I turn up the phone volume to understand what it is saying (I forgot what it said when I woke up). It told me of some sort of location which I write down and go to. Now suddenly I am on a balcony and these guys are after me. I jump to another balcony only to find out that they are near there too. So I jump off and I could fly. It was a blizzard out there. I fly down and then the dream shifts to something about superman and I wake up.

      Note: This wasn't much of a lucid dream since I lost lucidity at about the time I started being chased.
    5. Lucid: My reflection pulls me in!

      by , 03-19-2013 at 09:49 PM
      I am in some sort of bathroom and I look into the mirror. I see a woman. Curious, I look closer wondering what is happening. Then I see another reflection walk into view. At this point I realize that I am dreaming and declare lucidity. I look closer to the mirror and I feel a force pull me inside the mirror. I lose my lucidity in the process and I end up underwater. As I breathe I feel the water entering my lungs. It was a very vivid feeling. Despite this sensation I can breathe just fine. Next thing I know I am talking to a guy about plundering a dungeon in search of ancient artifacts. but I must pay 7,000 gold. I then try to look into the guys computer but for what I don't know. I remember that I had trouble shutting down the computer. No matter how many times I clicked shut down it just would not do so but finally it did. I also remember being outside playing catch with people across the street. After playing, this black man comes up and says something about how we should not play around the street. Then everyone started to have asthma attacks. For me mine wasn't as bad as what the others have had. I coughed a little bit

      Note: First lucid in a long time. After combining ADA with critical questioning. Hopefully my next lucid won't be far away.
    6. The un-burning man

      by , 01-30-2013 at 11:51 PM
      I observe a man setting another man on fire. The man on fire's skin doesn't burn. He sneaks up on the guy that set him on fire and throws a chair at him causing him to get stunned. The dream changes. There are these men in white robes falling into what appears to be an infinitely deep hole. They were singing some sort of hymm as they were falling.

      Note: Recalled at 5:45 AM. This dream was short and kinda random but not as random as my earlier dreams imo.
    7. Wish

      by , 01-23-2013 at 12:54 AM
      I think I am at the mall and there is a man that can grant any wish. Behind him is a timer displayed in green numbers and it is attached on the wall and seems to be counting down. My mother is here. She gives me these cards, I think they are ID cards and I am impatient and I want her to leave so I can make my wish. I ask the man "Do the wishes stay after the timer runs out?" The man says "The wishes are permanent" I wished to fly and all of a sudden I started flying to the ceiling and out a window. The scene changes to that of a garden. I see the man again. I didn't fully comprehend what is happening but I think that a woman that bounded this man to stay on earth has finally freed him. There are black flowers around him but they turn to green, which I think is their normal color. The dream changes again. I am laying down and facing up the dark cloudy sky. I grab a phone and proceed to call the man to tell him about the vision I saw. I said "In 2012 you will be free.." as soon as I said that I felt a powerful vibration as if the beginning of a WILD/DEILD attempt. I was completly paralyzed, I couldn't speak, I couldn't move I was just laying there looking at that black sky. I thought to myself, perhaps it was that strange woman doing this to me. I then begin to see a shadow up in the sky. It is the shadow of a building floating in the sky. I stare at it then I wake up.

      Note: The most vivid part of the dream was near the end.
      Felt a strong vibration, maybe I could've performed a DEILD if I stood still.

      I said 2012 so perhaps I thought I was in the past.
    8. I don't know what to call this dream lol

      by , 01-19-2013 at 05:17 AM
      I am on a slide and it has just rained so it is slippery, which makes slides more fun. As I was sliding down this red slide, it curved and somehow i flew off the curve and went off a great distance. I try to grab on to something but end up falling onto the ground. I get up and I am fine. There is this kid on the swing set hypnotizing another kid. I try to slap him out of it but the hypnotizer says I must beat him at a swing challenge. I get on the swing and he gets on the other swing. A reality shift occured. The swing became much larger and much higher off the ground. The swings swung at each other instead of with each other. Each time we swung past each other we tried to knock the other off the swing. I hit him causing him to fall but he hung on to the swing, prolonging the challenge.

      I knock him off for good and I win. The dream changes again. It is dark but I am still at a playground. I am with some guys that seem to be friends. A man started to come after us and I went down the slide and started to run, I hear gun shots go off and my friends fall to their feet. Then I get shot and the dream changes again. I am on a train this time. There is this man with a strange blue line on his back he says it's "bread" and one of the passengers say "Everything is made of bread" I then go on and ramble on how everything is made of atoms. I believe my exact words were. "Atoms are the building blocks of all matter, how you put them together determins what it becomes. There is saying that everything is made of energy and energy is..whoops, I meant to say that matter is just condensed energy" they tell me that "the point of this is just stupid"

      I wake up after this.
    9. We will be ruled by anthromorphic animals that control the elements in the future!(Far future )

      by , 12-29-2012 at 12:29 AM
      Hello. My internets been gone for awhile but it was restored a few days ago! Plain text is narrating and red words are the dream.

      I am in a mansion with two other people. I go in one dark and small room only to be attacked by some..thing. I had to kill it with a small dagger. I go into another room with someone else. He says "were trapped?" I push the door open with no effort so not as trapped as I thought. A beeping alarm goes off. "It's beeping so it's recent" a woman says. She runs down the stairs, I slide down on the railing. The woman goes into a room and she says that "Time is speeding by thousands of years!" The world outside becomes a desert wasteland but then I become an observer and the world is now tropical, and it is ruled by anthropomorphic animals that can control the elements like from avatar.

      I wake up.
    10. Poltergeist attack and journey in space!

      by , 12-02-2012 at 05:21 PM
      I am in a car lot of some sort. All of a sudden the cars come on and head right to me! A big white car comes to me, I jump on it's hood then up and over the car. Then after awhile the scene changes to a reddish, dark, gigantic room. These square stone slabs come alive and float above our heads There were other people in this dream with me.

      When they are directly on top of us they then slam down to try and crush us. I make sure this didn't happen. I jumped very high and smash those stone slabs before they get the chance to land on my friends. Once this was over we had to go to space to retrieve the yellow pearl. So somehow we teleport to space but I am the only one there. I am following some sort of path, that looks like its the great wall of china..but in space. As go along this path I am attacked by many enemies. I shoot these bright orbs of light from my hands at them, Certain hand movements I make change how powerful the orbs of light can become. If I tighten my hand into a fist the orb of light starts to glow brightly, then when I quickly expand my hand it becomes even brighter and more powerful than before.

      Using my energy manipulation skills, I destroy many enemies at once as I go along this path. I finally make it to the end and I become an observer. The character that I was got the yellow orb. Then a space ship attacks and destroys our ship, now we cannot go back on board. I see a bunch of people on this staircase in the middle of space and they seem stranded.
    11. Looking for the psi master(DEILD)!

      by , 12-02-2012 at 05:12 PM
      I wake up in a comfortable position to DEILD so I roll out to enter the dream. I land on my feet. I purposely fall back and close my eyes because I heard this increases lucidity. I reappear in the same dream scape.
      I go to the bathroom and I look into the mirror. I see myself as a normal person. I put my hand up to the mirror and try to go through it. I don't go through it but it did felt strange. I push it and it bends a little, like it is made out of some cheap plastic. I then get a pointy object and poke a hole into the mirror. A strange multi colored substance oozes out of the mirror. I dip my finger on it. The substance then started to spread over my finger slowly. I thought it might take over my body or something but didn't get scared.

      Even thought the bathroom door is closed a part of it is made out of glass. I see a shadowy figure quickly moved past the bathroom door. I then look out and I see some random guy just staring at me so I come out. I asked "who are you and what do you represent"
      And I couldn't remember.

      He vanishes. Ahead of the bathroom is the living room and I see the window. It was a cloudy morning in this world. I then remembered my goal to practice psi in the dream world. My intention manifested in a book about psi appearing on a nearby table. I am impatient and didn't want to read a book, instead I wanted to summon some sort of master to teach me instead. There was another book on the table about programming in C# but I didn't even pick that up. I tried to summon the master of psi but pretending he's there but I wake up soon after.
    12. Using PSI. Messy guy on bus, talking to friend.

      by , 11-28-2012 at 10:41 PM
      This dream was extremely vivid. Sensory awareness really does the trick

      My eyes are closed and I feel like I am in the fetal position. I roll out of that position and head to the bathroom. The bathroom door closes on me. Words appear. "Create a psi ball" it says. I put my hands closer together and without effort I begin to feel a powerful force in between my hands but I don't see the psi ball at all. Maybe I am more of a tactile person than visual?

      The instructions change and now say "throw the psi ball at the door" I do so and the door beings to start to collapse on its self like its being sucked up by a mini, invisible black hole. The instructions say "don't get caught in it" so I take a few steps away from the psi ball. Suddenly I am in an elevator with my friend Zach. He tells me he is lucid. I also say that I am lucid and feel very aware that I am here.But I wasn't lucid, this is once again one of those fake lucid dreams but it was very vivid!

      I ask Zach "so are you going to remember this?" he says "sure I will." The dream scene changes and I am on a bus now. I see both my friends Chris and Zach sitting next to each other. The I sit next to a messy man eating some blue stuff. Some of it got on my hands. I look at his grey shirt and it is pretty dirty.It looks like he doesn't mind his shirt getting dirty so I say "can I wipe this on your shirt?" He says "no i'll beat your ass!" I say "I do not think you are an asshole, enlighten me" he mumbles something. I ask for him to repeat it, this time putting my ear close to his mouth "will you let the dog go to school?" I ask "it depends on what type of school your talking about, you mean a dog school right?" he smiles and tells me I am correct and vanishes.

      The dream changes to me and Chris talking. "Did Zach tell you he saw me in the dream?" Chris says "No he hasn't told me anything, I mean he hasn't told us about himself to us."
      The dream ends with me going into detail of the 'dream' me and Zach supposedly shared and while in the middle of explaining I wake up.
    13. EMP attack. (DMID) Dream Machine induced dream!!!

      by , 11-25-2012 at 02:42 AM

      Going to try a new writing style to make things easier to read.

      I am inside Mcdolnalds and I am given the task to throw away a piece of cheese that is on the floor. I go into the bathroom to do so. When I threw it in the trash a man behind a counter looks at me strangely. I become an observer for a moment. I see a mini man and he is talking about something but I don't remember. Anyway I put the blame on the mini man for the cheese. The mini man starts to grow to normal size and I get the heck out of the bathroom before he grows to full size.

      This dream is weird already...

      I grab two brooms and I run out of the restaurant as fast as I can. It is dark outside. I run to the car and I quickly get in. I am in the passengers seat which means someone else is driving but I do not look at who is in the drivers seat. As we begin to leave an explosion originating from the restaurant wipes out all the technology in the area. The lights in the restaurant go out and the car malfunctions for a second but it quickly resumes functioning.

      I am the driver now. Behind me is a black car and it seems to be following me. I back up slowly then slowly go forward. I do this a couple of times but on the third time I slam the gas pedal down and I crash through a fence and almost hit another black car. The car then starts shooting water from its hood. It is probably signaling the other drivers. Now I am on the highway being chased by two black cars. One is behind me and the other one is to my left.

      My car has no roof on it. I jump out of the car and aim a gun at the people driving. Time slows down to a crawl and I take aim and fire at them. My torso hits the road but I bounce up and land back into my car somehow. I do this again but this time aim for the people behind me. Time once again slows to a crawl. My viewpoint zooms in on the two dudes. Before I shot them they began to kiss each other.

      The dream changes to me observing someone in the air falling towards a canyon. There is some sort of teleporting vertical column moving through the canyon. The guy lands in shallow water and ragdolls into a rocky wall.

      I wake up and use the bathroom. I go back into bed, it took me awhile to fall asleep but when I did....

      I don't know what to describe this area as. My friend Chris is here. I know there is a special machine that lets you dream. I ask him "do you wanna try" but he declines. I go into a small room with a little bath tub. I sit in it and water begins to fill it. The tub fills up. All of a sudden a small glass enclosure is all around me. I am in some sort of tank full of water. Everything fades to black. Now I am in some sort of elevator but the door doesn't open. I force open the door and on the other side is another elevator. I open the next door and it is another elevator. There are elevator doors all around me and each one I open leads to another elevator. It is clear to me now that this is some sort of elevator maze. I open up random elevator doors. I find an elevator that is going down the tunnel. I jump on top of it. Everything fades to black and I become an observer. I see some sort of pod launching. I get the feeling it is me inside he tank. I appear just outside the room with the dream machine. I go into the dream machine again. The water rises up and I get surronded by glass and I lose consciousness.

      This time I am in a mansion. It is daytime I see people walking around outside through the windows. I see one group of people trying to climb into the house via the windows. The dream machine induced dream ends. I find myself back inside the dream machine. I had doubts about the dream machine "what if it malfunctions I thought" but nothing bad happens
      I am still inside the machine. Things fade to black again. This time I am an observer of some sort of party. A group of people are singing. I get the feeling that this song was to somehow make some one sick.
      Yeah I don't know how you can get someone sick from a song but whatever..

      The anger the people had for this particular someone vanishes and they no longer care. The dream fades to black and I observe a tank launching out from somewhere. I suddenly appear outside of the dream machine room. Some guy shows me a book series. The name eludes me but it's cover was fiery red and had a cool symbol on it. I go back into the dream machine room. I get into the tub it fills with water, suddenly I'm in a tank full of water and everything fades to black. I find myself talking to a little girl. She tells me her IQ is over 3,000 and the year is over 2700. I told her that the highest iq someone had in the year 2012 was around 300. The girl uses the bathroom and I just wait. The machine induced dream ends.

      I awaken in the tank again but quickly everything fades to black again. I am an observer and its just some weird 2d side scroller type game thing. This dream machine induced dream ends quickly. I awaken in the tank once again but things fade to black. Once again I am an observer but I am in some under water world and there is this fish creature woman and a human looking guy talking. "fuse with fire" the guy says" They fuse and turn into a humanoid fiery creature with a molten rock body and a womanly face. Then the creature gets split in half and one half has a male face and the other a female face, then they multiply and now there are hundreds of them.
      I wake up for real this time!. Wow what an interesting dream.
    14. Fake lucidity?

      by , 11-22-2012 at 10:38 PM
      It is daytime and I am at a playground. This girl who I will call 'C' is with me and cannot keep up. She stops running and catches her breath. "I'll catch up with you later" she says. I then grab her and told her "Don't you know you are dreaming!?" All of a sudden C gets re-energized and has this yellow aura around her. Both of us are chasing another girl. As I run I can feel the wind blowing against me. I yell out to the other girl "I know I am dreaming!!" (But I have no lucidity at all) Both of the girls get on a vehicle and I try to chase them down. "he's trying to chase us like an idiot" the other girl says. She then says "That is why I invented Denzel Washington"
    15. Failed psi practice and a bunch of video game scenarios. (DEILD)

      by , 11-18-2012 at 02:12 PM
      After I roll out my vision seems to be sorta impaired like there is something in the way. I wake up. Then I DEILD again but this time instead of waiting for the vibes to stop completely I just roll while I'm still vibrating. It works and I am in the dream. I ignore the vision problem and it fixes its self. I touch the walls and stuff to ground myself. I then wanted to do something interesting so I get into the mind set of a ghoul to see if I could change. It kinda works. I think I grew claws and sharp teeth..maybe?? Anyway I go into that bathroom and slice a DC neck. Some blood got into my mouth and it taste like...strawberry? (No wonder zombies like eating people). I then look myself in the mirror and I am completely normal looking. I got the same bushy hair, the same brown skin, nothing changed. I then decided to just be normal. I go into my living room.

      The lights are already on. On both sides there are two couches which are used by beds by me. To my left is the entrance to the kitchen, near the entrance is a yellow chair and a table. At the back of the living room are two windows, an air conditioner is taking the place of the window. And the T.V. I have this strange feeling that the ghoul version of myself is coming after me. I look at the bathroom and the bathroom door which I have left opened when I exited is all of a sudden closed. I have a feeling that this evil me is in there. I hear growls. I decided that I should just get this over with so I walk in there and let the thing 'kill' me. After I 'die' my consciousness merges with this other part of me, then I become normal. When I exit the bathroom for the second time I see a head on the floor that can talk. It is covered in a mask. The entrance to the apartment is open. I kick the head out and close the door.

      I go into the kitchen. I feel myself leaving the dream. Quickly, I ground myself by looking down at my body and touching it, this works as I feel my presence return. I then say "Hmm what did I wanted to do...oh yeah psi!" I then sit down, close my eyes and tried to make a psi ball but I quickly lost lucidity and the dream changes drastically.

      I am now a simple observer. I am in space and I say to myself " I want to colonize my own planet" I find a planet and 'drag' it over somewhere. I see space cars flying by. I then rotate the planet around. I see a yellow node on the planet that has the name of a location on the planet. I ping myself over there. Now I am observing an anachronox style fight. (Anachronox is a fun game btw). So I see Sly Boots, Grampos and some 3rd character I don't know that's in the game. Boots dies. So I, as the observer playing the game somehow uses a mindtear (that revives dead characters) on boots. He comes back but for some reason he is still on the ground. Grampos kills boots again. The scene changes. Now I am playing sphinx and the cursed mummy, or just observing it. (If you like Zelda you will like this game). I see the main character Sphinx get trapped in a room and attacked by a wolf spirit head. Another character says "Blood is now in your lungs, it now longs for more, you will feel like you are aging.."

      Another scene change. Now I am watching Ethan Mars from Heavy rain (Another interesting game lol). Ethan looks out the window and he has a shocked look on his face. I get a view of the window, there is nothing but an abyss. Then a grown up Shaun appears and closes the window. Then the scene changes to Ethan jumping off of these platforms hanging from the abyss, unfortunately Ethan messes up a jump and he falls into darkness.

      Another scene change. I am in the bathroom and all of a sudden these aliens appear and say "We have accumulated billions of dollars take us to your leaders" Then I wake up.
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