Unfortunately it's not a survey about dreaming (though that would be an awesome paper for English), but hopefully you're still interested

The link to my survey is: A Transition to Digital Comic Books Survey

For English, I've decided to gather research on what possible factors lead readers to buy more or less comic books. It's a little lacking but I'm only allowed ten questions, so I've chosen what seem to be the top factors. The point of the research is to see whether or not digital comics enhance sales by changing some of these factors, as well as if it appeals more to veteran readers or newer readers who were introduced by the movie adaptations of comic books.

If you still haven't read a comic book, or still never intend to read a comic book, that's fine! Your response will help regardless. I'm trying to gather responses from readers of all interest levels in comic books.

Anyways, if you would like to comment on something I've overlooked, that would be helpful too! Thanks for helping out!

P.S. If you haven't checked if you're dreaming yet today, I'm disappointed. You should do that now.