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      Just felt like recommending this playlist for anyone who struggles with physics and chemistry

      I'm sure there are other people in here except myself who study physics and chemistry, and in case you would like some very pedagogical teaching or if you simply prefer to learn from videos, then I can highly recommend these playlists from ILectureOnline:


      They seems to cover all the most important aspects of both subjects, and everything is explained really well.
      One thing I really like about his explanations is that he usually explains where all formulas actually come from, rather than just blindly throwing out formulas and telling you to use them;
      he actually takes the time to show how they came about and what they are based on, so that you get an intuitive understanding for them and can derive them yourself just from logical reasonings.

      If you want to start from scratch then it's probably best to start with "Mechanics" and "Thermodynamics".
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