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      Moving physically in a daydream

      So there was someone in IRC that said she could move physically in a daydream and it is like being there in this world.
      Does anyone know how can someone do that or how is that possible?
      By physically i mean like you walk in this world like you move your fingers in this world moving physically not just imagining it moving and feeling the imagining the senses but really moving it like you move your leg when you want to walk in this world.

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      Sounds similar to something I experience from time to time.

      I've had "half in half out" lucid dreams before, where I'll be awake in my body (sometimes not even laying down) and yet simultaneously inside a lucid dream, and able to walk around. Usually for me it's a product of certain induction techniques (The technique in the post I have linked in my signature is one such technique that gives me this) that skip the need for sleep paralysis, and it also only lasts for a short while before I become fully absorbed in the dream, my body paralyses, and now I'm fully immersed and unaware of my real body.

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