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      What approach do I take to make money WITHOUT using paypal.

      Who can i trust? There are so many scams out today it's unbelievable. A lot of them look legit. I lost 200 dollars messing around with a bogus prepaid visa card ( Green Dot scam ). No way to contact them or even get any information at all.

      Now i want I have product/services to sell on the internet,but i can't trust paypal, because there are so many stories of paypal stealing money from people, specifically for sellers. A lot of problems.

      Paypal for buyers is funny also. I bought an item from the net with paypal. I sent the money, and 2 days later or so, paypal emails me that there as a problem and it was reversed....ALTHOUGH I GOT THE ITEM. The buyer probally didn't get the money because paypal reversed it. So now I have double what I had AND the product I ordered.

      Ebay too, ebay and paypal are probably the biggest scams out. Something about the sellers only can show the POSITIVE feedback results, and no contact with the seller before purchase or something.

      I'm reading that there are scams on google checkout too.

      What is the best approach to sell stuff on the internet? Someone that WON'T steal from me or rip me off. I was thinking about having the buyer just send me money orders through mail, or fax me a check, but I'm sure everyone won't be able to do this.

      Paypal is very funny, I'm thinking I should use it anyway and just take the money that is in there out everytime something comes through.

      I'm not sure if this goes in the help section or not.
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      I agree on a lot of points you've said. I remember when I used to sell on eBay they would hold my money for almost 3 weeks at a time. Or until the buyer left me positive feedback & received the item. At the time I was doing drop shipping, and that ruined it for me. What I would do is contact paypal, and tell them that you are going to be making sales, and if there is any chance that there will be any problems (freezing, holding, etc..) and kind of semi-threaten them (telling them you'll cancel your account) if they tell you there might be complications. I do know that Click bank, does sell physical products, why don't you try there?

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      Paypal is wonderful. I've used it for years and never lost a cent. I've only had one incidence (out of more than 1000) where the customer did a chargeback on their credit card and got their money back, but since I provided paypal with the proper information to show that their item HAD been delivered...Paypal took the loss...not me.


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