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      Do Calea Zacatechichi capsules expire?

      I am talking about these ones: Calea zacatechichi (Calea ternifolia) - Dream Herb Capsules (28 gram(1oz))

      I ordered them about a year ago and left them in a drawer. I have checked and the manufacturer does not provide an expiration date, or states that they do not expire, either on the package or online. I would like to know if they have lost their potency or if they could have negative effects when taken.

      I am aware of another thread on here that asks a similar question (http://www.dreamviews.com/lucid-aids...hi-expire.html). Their situation was different, however, and there were no really satisfactory answers.

      Another quick question while I am here. Would it be okay (effective) to empty the capsules and smoke the herb instead?
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