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      So I've always wondered about flaxseed effects on dreaming, but after looking around a bit I can't find anything that directly addresses flaxseed as a supplement to lucid dreaming. A boss of mine once swore off flaxseed after he started having LD's for the first time in his life after taking it, and there have been some anecdotal accounts of LD's occurring after consuming flaxseed product. So here's a list of questions I have, and if anyone can answer them for me and anyone else that is curious, it would be appreciated.

      Is flaxseed even effective at all?

      Is ground flax/flax-meal or flax oil more effective?

      How much flax has it taken to achieve increased dreaming/vividity/LD's?

      Is there anything that you can take in conjunction with flaxseed to increase its effectiveness?

      I'm sure there are more questions, but these are the only ones I can think up at the moment. I'm planning on testing flaxseed out myself here in the next week or so, and because the ground flax was what my boss at the time was using when he started LDing, that's what I plan to be using. If anyone's curious, let me know and I'll update on effectiveness and methods used.

      Otherwise, if y'all know of a thread that covers this topic that I've missed, I'd be grateful if you could point me in its direction. Thanks!

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      Why would someone swear off it for that reason?

      Flaxseed contains omega-3 fatty acids. Your best bet to find information on how this has an effect on lucid dreaming is probably to research the effects of omega-3 or fish oil instead, it should be about the same. I have heard of fish oil having a positive effect on dreams before so I bet you can find something.

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