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      Entrainment Audio

      Binaural vs. Monaural vs. Isochromic. Are there significant differences as related to lucid dreaming?

      Also, would you consider these tools to be crutches that hinder further 'natural' progress or stepping stones to accelerate further progress?

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      Iirc, there are no studies that indicate that binaural/monaural/isochromic beats have any effects on lucid dreaming. Every report you see is simply anecdotal evidence.

      A expert lucid dreamer made a post about this topic, and I quote:

      In the past, GAMMA activation has been associated with hypnosis (De Pascalis 1993) and states of consciousness achieved by long-term meditators (Lutz et al 2004). As I’ve noted before, Ursula Voss (2009) and Allan Hobson (2009) have added fuel to the fire with the discovery that 40Hz synchrony during dreams comes with reports that the subjects were self-aware during the dreams. This led Hobson to boldly suggest that lucid dreaming may be its own separate state of consciousness—a hybrid of waking consciousness and dreaming—that could be reliably recognized by a 40Hz signature in the frontal lobe.
      But he goes on to clarify:

      In fact, a 2009 study in Cerebral Cortex has disputed Hobson’s statement by concluding that 40Hz synchrony in the brain is not enough to induce self-awareness: it’s necessary but not sufficient (Luo et all 2009). Self-awareness may come with more than one band of activation in multiple brain areas simultaneously. Also, Brazilian and German lucid dreaming researchers also have contested Hobson’s 40Hz claims by suggesting that different styles of self-awareness may have different physiological markers (Mota-Rolim et al 2010).
      He ends the article by stating that these tools may still have an indirect impact on lucid dreaming, due having similar effects to certain altered states of consciousness, like meditation. Still, this would limit them mostly to WILD. I would still them consider them lucid aids, but something very different than, let's say, an EILD device.

      PS: You can pm me for a copy of the article or the references mentioned.
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      i've been sleeping with earphones on with binaural beats have been doing it for a while now. i had maybe one really intense LD where i heard the music while i was dreaming and became lucid and that's maybe one of the most craziest experiences i've ever had. I also listen to some positive affirmations that help you relax and it worked once where i fell asleep right away and became lucid. They don't work often tho but they help me sleep

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