Hello everyone!

First try: 2020-12-16

I am about to give you an insight in my own experience when trying out a nicotine patch for the first time.

I'm not sitting on knowledge strong enough to back up a full-fledged debate regarding this subject and I wont preach about ethics or medical facts hither and thither when it comes to nicotine. There are tons of other places covering the health issues and safety-matters regarding this subject.
I have done my own fair research and if we could skip comments that in any way contradicts the usage of todays subject due to health issues I'd be delighted.. I mean, we all know nicotine literally SUCKS when it comes to your health and that supplements is no fast-track towards lucidity, but it IS there, easy to get and definitely worth a cautious try.

All warnings aside, this is my own experience of tryin this shit out!

It wasn't until reading Thomas Yuschak book, Advanced Lucid Dreaming - The Power of Supplements, as so many others, I got my focus on experimenting with nicotine. The purpose of this is to jumpstart my dream recall alongside many other recall techniques to get a broader picture of what actually works for me, and more imortantly - a beginner.
I have tried supplements like Huperzine-a, LucidESC, Vitamin B6 with very limited results. I am by no means addicted to Nicotine but I am also not completely unfamiliar with cigarettes. I have been smoking an avarage 1-2 cigarettes a week if you smash it out statistically, mostly while drinking. <-- a question that arose was; how much nicotine is my body used to and what would be a proper dose with my history of nicotine?
Worth mentioning is I have also tried nicotine-pouches which you put underneath your lip, like swedish snus. I can't remember the strenght, but it was not the weakest nor the strongest. Results: nothing.

Anyway, I ran by the local pharmacy and chose between 7mg and the 14mg patches and left with the latter. I fell asleep around 23.00, set the alarm 03.20 and went up. Attached the patch on my left arm and went back to sleep immediately due to nicotine being a stimulating drug that might keep you awake. Aaaaaaaand it sure did keep me awake...

I felt the nicotine starting to do its thing only after 30 minutes or so, and it grew stronger by the minute. I could feel my body like, almost sweeping around the bed, twitching from time to time and I couldn't really lay still. It struck me that this was quite similar to transitioning/sleep paralasys. A mixture of feelings, tingeling and twitching and a bit spinning/dizziness. I got worried the strenght of the patch could be too much and removed it only after what I estimate being an hour.
The sensations got a bit overwhelming and I realized it was too much, I sat up and went to the bathroom to ride it out. I felt tingeling and weakened limbs meanwhile nausea rising up. Nothing pleasant about this. I knew it was just a matter of time before it would get better, but 14mg was definitely too strong. And the fact that I did remove the patch only after an hour speaks for itself, this was definitely more power in than I thought it would be.
Slightly afraid of returning to sleep in this state I sat on the bathroom floor waiting for it to cool down, once I felt stable after another hour, (05.30) I went to bed again. I was extremely tired and fell asleep very fast not very concious or motivated due to the lack of sleep. I immediately started to dream and YES it was insanely vivid. I could in the highest detail so far (for me), remember the dream/s I had even thought the bad circumstances, (awoke by an alarm, didn't write it down asap, felt bad etc).

So yeah, to summarize this wall of jibberish; most of you guys are probably familiar with tons of potent nicotine-reports and experiments with more quality in both details and science, but I thought i'd throw in my simplified and raw version of what I deem helpful for people like me, trying this for the first time!
Even thought the somewhat weird and scary outcome of this I will definitely try this again, with more caution. In the end it got me what I wanted, supervivid dream but as I predicted, at a cost. Next time I will reduce the amount of time wearing the patch to 30 minutes meanwhile meditating or performing mantras during WBTB to further customize it for me.

I will probably try this once a week to prevent desensitization until the stash has run out, and I will most likely use this thread as a platform to report and discuss if interest is present amongst you.
Be careful what you try out and I wouldn't recommend anyone trying nicotine unless you honestly feel you can deal with it.
Feel free to share your thoughts, experiences and ideas if you will, but let the moral preaching stay where it belongs - in church!