Well guys after almost a week withouth any LD I finally got 2 today, they didn't lasted long but It's ok, I got a lot of usefull information out of this.

I woke up after a lot of FA (Stupid me, didn't RC even tho I knew I was having a lot of FA) anyways after I woke up of a FA I felt I was in SP and I even got some hallucinations about someone calling my name in my ear (creepy as f!"$k) but I told myself, relax is nothing, anyways after the voice stopped, I didn't got a LD I just woke up and I was bummed because I had missed the chance, I went to bed again after going to the bathroom and I was dreaming I was outside my house with my friend when suddenly I saw a flying Volkswagen Green Kombi and I was like wow.... I'm dreaming and my friend told me "yes you're dreaming" I RC pinching my nose and yes it was a dream, I woke up inmediatly on SP but this time with no hallucinations I just closed my eyes, counted to three, and I was again in my bed but there was something funny... It was a dream!! I RC twice (Jedi Powers and pinching my nose) the dream lasted 5 min at much

I tried to call for my Dream Guide and a girl came out of my apartment and I ask her if she was my DG and she said no, then I woke up

Something funny about my last LD is that I couldn't speak normally my voice was like when ur really sick and you're voice is high pitched and weird...

Anyway I'm happy about the results, I understand now more the SP process

thx for reading