I have already posted my dream fragment I remembered in my DJ, but I'll post it here for ease of access.

--All at once I realized that I was in a dream and had been dreaming for a while, but my memory just started recording. The first thing I thought to do was pinch my nose and attempt to breathe. I was, in fact, dreaming. However the moment that I consciously accepted this my mind tricked me onto a FA.

Unfortunately for it, I knew better after reading and practicing to always RC when I wake up, so I repeated the previous reality check and I could breathe. This time I actually had a moment to take in my surroundings before my mind kicked me out. It was a hospital like setting and I stood up next to the bed I was on which for some reason was my bed and attempted to pull back the curtain. The moment I began to try to take control I was awakened for real, his time into an episode of sleep paralysis.

This time I stayed calm and attempted to drop back into a dream, if I did or not, I'm not sure but I know I did fall back asleep. Later I awoke all of a sudden to the program I had running on my phone telling me to do a RC. The rest of the night was uneventful. --

To me it seems like my mind is a devious thing and doesn't like me being aware of what it's doing. However, I'm rather excited at the progress and the fact that I actually became lucid althought it was for a matter of seconds.

Anyone out there with some advice for me on how to sustain my time being lucid?