Well , for me as i know from now sleep paralysis is like a Lucid Dream which u cannot move but u still know ur dreaming and u play with ur mind..

last night i had an long SP Dream ... i couldnt move alot , i just couldnt its hard u know SP......
but still in LD with SP its litle different , so yesterday when i woke up after SP-LD i didnt woke up but it was also SP in my room [FA] so i was thinking..
sleep paralysis is like that..
cannot change it .
so for me and my story is that SLEEP PARALYSIS Dreams cannot be controlled ( for me )
it feels cool that u can control with ur mind but ur not like full controlled in dream like dilds/FA and milds etc...

i thinked about this yesterday in my dream.. to write it here.. so here i am
and sry for my english ^^