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      Observing your self having a WILD without never actually having one

      Well finally the topic of lucid dreaming seems to become present in my dreams after a month of work. However...

      I was once again falling asleep, and inside of my dream I was lying and suddenly experienced vibrations as sometimes described for WILDing/OBEs. I was seeing something blue clear up and it seemed like I fell asleep and was dreaming. Just that rather than opening my eyes in the dream I afterwards saw myself standing in an empty room with a rather blue color performing a nose pinching RC. Just that observing someone doing a RC without doing it yourself doesn't make you lucid...

      Ah well it get's better, maybe I can finally expect a lucid dream the next days.
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      I've done some pretty stupid things While trying a WILD... Like once I began to hear music and could faintly see something and all I said to myself in my head was "Oh, I hope my ipod will follow me into a dream"

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