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      :D First couple lucid dreams

      After about a week or two of trying I finally had my first two Lucid Dreams. All i did was repeat that i was going to have a LD before i went to bed. Then i woke up at night and did the same thing.

      Anyways, in dream 1 i was able to control what happened, but only to a certain extent. The environment around me was set, i couldn't move from one place to another. Only thing i remember is walking around my dorm and heading to the kitchen, but the kitchen was nowhere like how it should be, that was when i realized I was dreaming. For whatever reason I opened the freezer and could feel how cold it was, pretty awesome . Anyways next thing i remember i was outside with a couple friends and the was a pond. I tried to make teh pond just vanish, but couldn't so I just pushed the water out of it... if tht makes any sense. Then out of nowhere i woke up.

      In dream 2, i was out at night with somebody i didn't recognize, realized i was dreaming. Then i decided to fly, once again i failed but was able to jump as if i were on the moon. Once i started falling i woke up.

      Let me tell, all of tht was pretty awesome! Only thing is, it seems that even though i can control what happens its like im not 100% myself, im not able to think things through, almost if im drunk and impulsive. First thing that comes to mind is what i do. And my friends don't really interact with me, its like they are just part of the setting. And i don't remember the in between things nor could feel things unless i specifically focused on it. Is that more or less how LDs are? If not any way i could work on any of that?

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      Cool I had that think where I tried to fly and just got low gravity. To fix it I jumped and jumped again and fought my way up into the air then I could just fly like normal

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      cool..yet to LD tried a lot of things. Not able to keep up with RC during day time.
      maybe one of these days..fingers crossed

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