I awoke at 4:30'ish for my wbtb, Layed down and tried to enter sp. I fell asleep before i could, but i awoke in sp, tried to roll over and couldnt. so i closed my eyes and invisioned my city of key west florida. I entered my dream in downtown key west. I knew i was dreaming but everything was blurry, so i rubbed my hands together until my vision became clear, almost too clear i would say. But i was walking around trying to pay attention to every little detail i could, i noticed the door i walked out of was white, the brick wall was green with algae. I remembered my two goals from last year, TK and gravity control. i could not control gravity but i pointed my hand open palmed towards a car, and invisioned a massive burst of energy flowing from my feet to my hand and out towards the car and i shouted "CERO" There was a force that pushed me back a little but i looked at the truck and it had a hole about 6x6 in the side. I was Estatic, but the dream started to fade, i rubbed my hands together and felt the concrete and my dream re stabilized, i did this for what seemed like five hours and i blew holes in everything until the end of my dream where i Put both of my hands in the air and imagined the same energy as before but i imagined it pooling in my hands, i could feel the pressure in my palms, i made a fist and transfered all the energy to my left hand and pointed it towards a building and whispered "cero" there was a bright blue flash of light and after that cleared from my vision there was a giant crater about a mile across and about 40 miles long, the ocean water was seared from the hole but started to enter the hole, which somehow created a tsunami, which in turn came upon me and killed me, waking me up. i woke up rested and i felt accomplished, wishing i could actually do that more often, it helped my self esteem and my depression. sorry for grammatical errors i'm rushing, i have a doctors appointment. Tonight, i will control gravity.