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      Had my second lucid, only 2.7 weeks after the first

      It wasn't nearly as exciting or shockworthy as the first, but I still had that amazement feeling. However, this time, I had a bit more control. But I still stupidly tried to open my eyes to increase clarity. All it resulted in was me waking up (for real). In this dream, I just noticed something strange, rather than someone telling me it was a dream. But the rc to confirm was the same: good old nose plug.

      Hopefully this means another Lucid is right around the next week or so. 6 months for my first one, then another 3 weeks or so for the second. Hopefully number 3 has a gap of <1 week.

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      Congrats! It looks like your finally getting the hang of it! Nice job You'll start to learn more and more after every lucid dream. Anyway, good luck getting your 3rd.

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