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      First time lucid

      (15 year old male) I only started becoming interested about 2 weeks ago and today I had my first lucid dream and I didn't even really try, all I did when awake was look at my hand every hour to make sure there were 5 fingers there, after two weeks of doing that today I checked my hand in dreamworlds and I noticed I had 2 thumbs and my right hand was my left hand. When I became lucid I started trying techniques that had been told such as flying and pulling whatever you wanted out of your pockets. When I started to control my dream I became extremely dizzy as if I were drunk and flying was damn near impossible. It was extremely hard to control and took a lot of concentration I kept falling over and my head wouldn't stop spinning. After a while I got used to these effects and became less dizzy. When I came to my senses I had to make sure I was in a dream by looking at my hand again, sure enough it looked augmented. I began doing some techniques like pulling things out of my pocket. It didn't work though until I really believed? I can't explain it but it happened. I couldn't smell or taste but I could see, hear and feel. Feeling was weird, I felt things but I could only feel the shape no texture or anything. (Sex is kind of pointless because I couldn't exactly feel that either. Although I would think once I have had sex and remember that feeling maybe that feeling could be implemented in the dreamworld) that's about it, it was quite amazing and I hope to have another lucid dream tonight! (Protip: you can breath under water don't hold your breath because you do that in real life too)

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      Some of these things you couldn't feel and do is probably down to you having a sub-conscious disbelief that you cant do anything, only thing for it is to keep practicing and have more belief in yourself that you can do something, or you could always try working your way up to something and not going straight for the big things.

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      They will improve...pretty good for your first, though dude. Congrats.

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