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    Thread: 1st time poster but not first time lucid dreamer... looking for some insight.

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      1st time poster but not first time lucid dreamer... looking for some insight.

      I don't intentionally lucid dream and I have no control. The only control I have is to change the direction of the dream. Sometimes it becomes very scary and I'll wake up and change the same dream into a different direction. For example, and I'm looking for interpretations since cookie cutter explanations haven't given me much explanation for my dream last night.

      So, I woke up around 3am from a scary dream. When I was trying to go back to bed I tried to redirect my thoughts into something happier. Instead I got a dream without the scary things but with just as frustrating and high intensity as before. Let me explain...

      After the "scary" dream I started in on the "same" dream but it branched off into another mode. My dog dislocated its leg. I was doing everything possible to keep that leg straight and not twisted without doing more damage. My husband refused to get help. I begged and pleaded. Finally, he went to get help and came back saying pretty much "whatever". I said I was going to get help and to not let her move. I went walking to get help and eventually one of my husbands friends comes walking up with our dog still with a twisted leg like he's taking her on a stroll.

      This goes back and forth for a long while until I get back to our friends house. They tell me I'm doing more damage by trying to hold her leg instead of letting it break off. I beg and plead that the dog needs to go to the vet. I get an ambulance to take her and I ride with her only to end up back at our house. I'm so mad and sad that I curse him out and say that I'm leaving but apparently I had been drinking so I couldn't drive. My mom and his mom were there and we walked out of the house. His mom made a comment about how she didn't see this coming and could see our end.

      We walk out on the porch, my dress gets caught on the deck and the whole porch comes crashing over me. like part of it wasn't nailed down. It didn't touch me except for all of the shattered glass falling over me. I remember thinking that I should cover myself with my dress but for some reason thought my arms were enough. I had glass everywhere. Small shards.

      No one believed me that I had splinters of glass in my skin. Most I could shake off my eyelashes and stuff but my fingers and feet were different. I had a hard time getting anyone to help me. Before I could finish my alarm went off.


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      **Moved to Dream Interpretation**

      Maybe it's a dream and if I scream, it will burst at the seams.

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      How is your marriage and home life right now? What I notice especially is how you see your husband as refusing to help, your husband's friend as meddling, and your house crashing down on you. This to me could symbolize marital problems, but I hope I am wrong. It could of course be something minor such that your husband with whom you usually do not have issues was particularly frustrating or unhelpful that day prior to this dream, so maybe it is not a big deal. I hope so.

      My understanding is that to dog owners their dogs are like family to them, so the injured dog could symbolize a hurt family member or a family problem. You want help with this problem, expect help, but feel that you are not getting the help, and thus need to look to solve the problem yourself. Others attempts to help seem misguided to you (like the idea of letting the leg fall off), but you feel like your pleading for help or for understanding in your time of trouble of frustration is not getting you the understanding you deserve.

      This could be about your frustration over any problem really and your feeling that others are not helping.

      Does any of this help? If not, please disregard.

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      My interpretation goes like this, the biggest factor in your dream is your dog. Is this dog your real life dog? The dog breaking it's leg represents vulnerability, inability to communicate, and loyalty. It maybe your alter ego trying to communicate to you saying that you may feel you are not being treated the way you feel you should be treated. You did everything possible to address the situation, perhaps in real life you have tried to improve yourself in someway, but nothing came out of it. Your hubby not listening to you doesn't necessarily mean your having issues (hopefully), but your hubby may have symbology to you. For example, if your husband is a problem solver, then your problem cannot be solved through "just fix'n it", or something to that effect. Him not caring means that perhaps your man may have tried to help you his way in real life, but he can't really solve your problems in the masculine sense (I know what this is like ask my Ex gf lol). You have tried seeking help from other sources, perhaps (like asking a friend) but all the answers lead you back to where you started. You're hubby's friend walking the dog may mean that the general male perspective dictates your problem is trivial, and dwelling on it makes it worse. (Something like: why are you so stressed? Why you just have a Bud and relax?) The ambulance is symbolic for a kind of savior you may be trying to seek or wait for to magically solve your issue, maybe like your waiting for the magical advice to just hit you one day to solve your real life issues, but every venue you seek yields no results. Being mad and sad are your actual feelings. Being too tipsy to drive is the obstacle in the dream preventing you from solving your issues. Perhaps you feel dizzy in real life from your issues, and maybe you don't really know whats wrong yourself. You mom and mom-in-law play a role of your values (from childhood) versus adapting to accepting another set of values (his childhood). The in-law saying its the end may not be literal, but may mean your at the end of your rope. Or perhaps his family, his mother perhaps, is judging you making you feel like your not good enough for him. Or maybe you feel like you're not good enough (I hope neither of these is true.) The obvious way to interpret the roof falling on you is you feel the world is caving in on you, and stress s being to show signs of physical pain on you. For example, any stress you may feel may be causing you illness or tension, etc. Nobody helping you is another way you are being told nobody accepts your plight, and brush off your pain as "just stress."

      My interpretation is solely based on what your dream is telling me, but cannot be accurately decoding unless you provide some minor details about your life. Maybe all it is is you had an argument with a loved one, or your dog got hurt that night. Or maybe there are deep laying issues. Hope everything works out!
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