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      my 3th WILD. talking about lucid dreaming with DCs

      i was at my house with my ex and some random dude i've never seen before. we were eating pizza and out of nowhere my ex started talking about lucid dreaming.

      He said "hey have you guys ever heard of lucid dreaming?" and the other guy was like "yeah dreams you realize you're dreaming while in a dream, right?"

      i said in surprise, "Lucid dream?! I'm lucid dreaming right now!". and they laughed at me. so i did a nose RC in front of them to prove it, but they still didn't believe so i had my ex pinch my nose and breathed in and they started believing me.

      and i said, "you know what's really sad? we are talking to each other right now, but this is gonna all disappear when i wake up, and I'm the only one who will remember this moment.."

      i felt kinda bad after saying that cuz now they looked really sad they didn't say anything. we were just sitting there in silence.

      then the random dude asked me if i could fly, and i said no (i've always had a hard time flying for some odd reason). then he said he'd teach me how to fly.

      we went to a nearby playground, and he started tapping on my head with a branch he found on the ground. i was like what the heck are you doing, and he was like this is part of the training. trust me. lol

      and i woke up.

      i'm really happy i had the longest and the most vivid lucid dream ever (though i was lucid on and off), but the "left alone" feeling after waking up from the dream wasn't very nice.

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      It is somewhat saddening knowing that DCs are destined to fade away upon waking up. It'll be downright horrifying if it turns out they're actually sentient. Still though, congrats on your lucid dream. May you have many more.

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