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      First lucid experience was "within a dream" - Really lucid at all?

      Hi guys

      So I've followed your and other forums for a long time, trying to figure out how to get that lucid experience. Well, tonight it has happened, at least I think so. Please note that this has nothing whatsoever to do with Inception or anything the like, I've been very interested in lucid dreaming way before that movie.

      Last night I took my magnesium and went to bed. I'd been suffering from quite a hangover, don't know if that matters anything.
      Now started the strangeness: In my dream I was talking to this girl in an open way that I suddenly reckoned I would never talk like in real life - I realized that I was having my first lucid experience. My first thought was "Please don't wake up just jet, I really want this to happen". Of all clichés, I picked the "worst"; I wanted to fly, and fly I did. However shortly thereafter I woke up, knowing what had just happened. Only that I was still dreaming - I even told people in the second dream what had just happen.

      I have a couple of questions:

      Is this normal? I find it a little strange that this is the first time I've experienced anything that comes near lucid.
      Is this even to be considered lucid dreaming?

      Hope you're all having a wonderful day!
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      Perfectly normal. What you experienced was a lucid dream, followed by a false . Its best to reality check every time you wake up, in order to determine whether you're in a dream or not.

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      Yo, welcome to dreamviews and congrats on your first lucid!
      Being lucid is knowing that you are dreaming, and you knew it, so it is lucid. There are no actual 'dreams within dreams' but it is simulated with scene changes, and false awakenings can be fairly common for some. In fact, you were thinking about waking up, which probably caused it, so next time do not think about waking up, and as splodeymissile said, do reality check every time you wake up.
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      Yeaaa congratz! not bad, flying in your first lucid dream. I managed to fly in my second LD.
      I have had false awakenings as well and it's definitely perfectly normal (what does 'normal' even mean? I don't know )
      Anyway... Sometimes I have those strange dreams that seem to be dreams within dreams (@Scionox: thanks, I never knew that those dreams within dreams don't actually exist. So they are just a different level of focus within your dream that makes you think that you are having another dream, right?).
      So yea just so that you are prepared: maybe you will encounter those dreams as well where you are dreaming and then within this dream you think that you have a lucid dream. As I just learned from Scionox that's just a focus shift within your dream. This can be really confusing and quite annoying if you don't realise that you are still dreaming.

      Good luck and I wish you many many more awesome LDs to follow!
      - Benni
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