What I mean by a "POW!" "BOFF!" Lucid Dream Moment

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would be one where your subconscious hits you with a massive revelation about something you need to change.

I had one just this morning. What it was is unimportant, I am just going to give a couple of notes on what it took to induce it, and hope for some comment.

1. I think it needs to have a lot of emotional valence. In this case, I was nearly in despair over a looming problem, and, all of a sudden, how to deal with it came to me in a lucid dream.

2. I think it has to be a situation that you have been dealing with for quite some time.

3. In the dream itself, I think it has to be asked of the subconscious at the point when the conscious is most aware, rather than when it is lucid, but too busy having fun flying, fighting supervillains, or having sex with Beyonce to remember.

Any comments encouraged.