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      Talking Man, It actually works!

      I remember my last year in high school when I talked to a friend about these dreams I was having at the time.They were very vivid, but I had little to zero control over it.

      Its been 4 years and I haven't had these dreams since.

      Without much interest, I was reading superficially through this site, which some friend had told me about.

      I started by the wiki section, reality checks.I read about some techniques, one which consists in looking direclty at your astral hand for some time, focusing.I silently giggled within myself: 'how could that even work at all?'

      I went to bed early that day without giving it much thought.

      When I entered the dream realm, for some reason I started to look at the tip of my tongue, out of my mouth, almost touching the nose, and it was funny how I could see it and control it as desired 'to the right, now to the left'.

      This gave me the boost that I needed and I went against the plot, against the 'dreamwave that carries you away' as I like to say, and I firmly decided to look at my hand.

      After a few seconds examining my hand, I suddenly felt so much more conscious and confident.I knew now I was dreaming, and felt that I could do whatever I wanted!

      Instead of flying, having sex or anything like that, I decided to start small.I looked at my feet and it was wet/oiled.I closed my eyes and tried to change them to dry and smooth.Didn't quite work, they were still very wet.

      Even after that the dream was incredibly lucid, with stunning visuals.Wont go through details, after all, dreams are dreams, we know how amazing they are.

      I didn't give this tech much credit at first, but now I'm glad to discover how effective it is.

      I would also recommend to beginners, like myself, the tongue tech that I accidentaly discovered, which could boost things up!

      My english isn't perfect but I think its comprehensible

      Ok now, guess I'll have to do some readings around here :]

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      Congratulations! Glad that you discovered how effective some of these techniques can be for you. I wish you many more lucid dreaming experiences and discoveries. Oh and, welcome to DV, Fishkeeperr!
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      Yo, welcome to dreamviews and congrats on finding technique that works for you!
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      Cool! I have had a few, when I was about six, but none since, I hope to be able to do it again soon!

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