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      A Dream Within a Dream - Only One Lucid - Dream Signs versus Reality Checks

      Dreaming I was getting married, walking into a church with guests, everything being recorded by a camera. I wake up and think it was a dream but then I meet the camera man and ask him to see the footage which turns out to be something completely different (not the wedding but an old friend`s party). I definitely know I was dreaming of my wedding and also know the dream went on because the footage was not what it was supposed to be.

      I wrote this because ordinary reality checks never worked for me but dream signs do. I donīt even remember trying RCs but dream signs suddenly trigger lucidity.

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      Congrats on lucid!
      And never say never! Reality checks help practicing awareness and questioning mind when you do them in waking life, so even if you don't do them in dream they play role in upping your awareness enough to realize that you are dreaming, also if you experience false awakenings often do reality check every time you wake up.
      It's also nice that dream signs work for you, keep practicing!
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