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    Thread: First LD - insight anyone?

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      First LD - insight anyone?

      Last night I remember having 3 dreams, 2 of which were LD. Its a slow start, but I'm really excited its finally starting because I had tried so many times in the past. Just randomly decided to last night and boom, mild success. Here's my story:

      Dream 1 1:30 (non LD)
      I was in a staircase, similar to a library. I needed some kind of help. I heard a noise of some kind, then woke up.

      After the first dream, I went to the bathroom like I do on most nights. Then this happened..

      Dream 2 2:30
      Was laying in bed, very similar to reality. Seemed to be exact repeat of when I just woke up from first dream. I was getting a bad feeling where I thought something was going to happen. I quickly did a reality check by holding my nose. I was indeed breathing regardless. I thought to myself, this is just a dream, I will make sure nothing bad happens and I will stay in the dream. Started walking out of my room, double checking reality check as I reached the door. Still breathing through plugged nose. Walked downstairs and went to the restroom, much like I did when I had waken up the first time. As I peed, there was a fly in the toilet, so I started peeing on it. I flushed the toilet and as it was flushing, I tried focusing really hard on making the water turn into blood. I could tell I was focusing really hard, but nothing changed. I went to the sink and looked into the mirror. (there's no mirror in the bathroom currently- being remodeled) The reflection looked like me. I thought to myself that looking in the mirror was probably a bad thing for a lucid dream so I opened the bathroom door that lead to my parents room. Not sure why. Now that I think about it, I don't even remember turning on/off the bathroom lights. When I was in my parents room, I was mostly just checking to see if everything was alright. Indeed my dad was snoring so I started to walk out of the room and woke up before I reached the doorway.

      Dream 3 3:45
      Started much like before. Sleeping in my bed then had just woken up, did my reality check. This time, I tried to imagine myself somewhere else. I didn't have an actual place set in my mind, but tried really hard to be somewhere else. It seemed to have hurt my head. I touched my ears and there was blood on my fingers. I started going downstairs, tripped towards the bottom when I looked at a clock that normally isn't in the kitchen. Didn't get a good look but I noticed it was 12 something. At this point I knew the "real life" time was passed 2. I went in the bathroom, but didn't pee or look in the mirror. This time there was no mirror because I knew there shouldn't have been one. I was turning the light switch on and off but the light stayed on. I went into my parents room but this time they were half awake. I don't remember what the conversation we had was about. But throughout the dream i noticed that clocks were going back an hour each time i looked at them. (i realize now that i need to do more frequent reality checks) but now seems to be where an actual dream took place. Somehow I was seeing a tv conference of a presidential candidate stepping down because he didn't like that the fact that the house was divided, thus leaving the next candidate a women (in polysci I'm doing a campaign project; Marco Rubio vs Hillary clinton) she's beginning to be sworn in when I stop seeing that "tv broadcast". I am now back in bed, but theres sun light outside. I can tell I don't like the fact that someone had won uncontested. But while I was thinking that, my phone that charges on the table besides my bed started playing the song "first date" by blink 182. More specifically, the lyrics "lets make this night last forever" over and over again. Shortly after I woke up.

      Can anyone make anything out of this? It was really discouraging having the same LD type dream with this false awakening. I'm hoping that tonight I can explore something new.
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      Good job on doing RCs and remembering to do them. It may take some practice changing things, like water into blood. But not because it's hard. It's because we are having hard time believing, that we can do anything just by thinking about it. Not wishing something would happen, but KNOWING, that it happens. So, instead of thinking "now I will turn this water into blood", try thinking "wow, look how red that blood is". As if you already saw it.

      In your second dream - your dream started the moment you woke up in your bed. Had you not realized you are dreaming, it would have been just a regular FA - false awakening. FA is just a regular dream, in which you wake up, start your day and go about your business as usual.

      FAs are great, because if you RC every time you wake up or get up from your bed in waking life, you will be able to get lucid every time you have it. Haha, love Blink-182.

      Please, don't be discouraged. You had a great experience.

      1. you recognized FA
      2. had a nice time exploring your house in a LD
      3. got to look in a mirror and pee
      4. remembered to RC
      5. retained pretty good memory while in LD
      6. your LDs were relatively long and stable

      It's really great to have a nice and quiet first few LDs. This way you can take your time to stabilize, RC, get yourself established inside of a dream. No need to rush anywhere.

      But I understand you want to explore other places. You can try opening any door and imagine the place you want to be at is on the other side. Or walk out the front door and fly off.

      To imagine the place you want to go to, practice this during day. Think about the place in details. Draw a picture or look it up on the internet. Daydream about it. Write it down in your dream journal in details.

      Good luck

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