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      lucid dreams do i need to be scared?

      first of all im sorry for my broken english for its not my mother touqe, i just search on the internet about the meaning of my dreams then suddenly i came out to this site...

      evrytime i had a dream most likely i knew that i was dreaming, then i will try to control my brain to wake, because i knew that, it was a dream so almost all my lucid dreams are cut short,

      last night i have a lucid dream again, and this time its a bit, much longer than before in my dream im still lying in a bed but in different surrounding and different house and different bed room, im sleep sideways in my dream and im scared to open my eyes theres a women sitting in a chair beside me in the bed while im lying which i coudnt remember her face and shes talking to me and then i heard 2 guys, i heard their steps going to us, and the women said oh here they are, pointing to the 2 guys and it happen that in my dreams the guy is supposed to be my husband and my father in law..i dint see their faces for i didnt want to open my eyes for im scared. im scared to see that it wil not look like my husband..im scared and worried that theres something happened about my body in real life, thinking that im already dead thats why im there.. so i concentrate to wake my self up, then before the 2 guys came in im awake.. now that i read this site i think nextime i will try enjoy my lucid dreams...hahaha..

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      Yes, there is no need to be scared of lucid dreams, and enjoying them is a much better idea, especially since in dreams your expectations cause things to happen, so if you expect something scary to happen, it is much more likely that your dream will be scary, whereas if you expect your dream to be pleasant, then it is much more likely to be pleasant.
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