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      Help Me Interpret This Experience

      Hey dreamers, I'm posting this today because last night I had an extremely harrowing lucid experience.

      To make it simple, I was roaming the streets of my dreamscape. Just moving about casually without any real thought or motivation. Upon turning a street corner I felt myself being tugged at from behind by something. I turned around to see what it was that had grabbed hold of me; from what I can recall it was shorter than me and wearing a suit of some sort. It continued to pull at me and I resisted it easily, but I didn't immediately flee or wake up. Instead I chose to continued wrestling with it on the street corner. It communicated to me that it was trying to take me somewhere. For whatever reason I gave up struggling and let it pull me directly into darkness. I'm guessing I became sleep paralyzed to some extent because the darkness was accompanied by warped sound and the general inertia of sleep paralysis. I could still feel it pulling me to where ever it was taking me. But I noticed that instead of being pulled by a single thing, I was being pulled by what felt like a pair of hands on each of my forearms. I resisted the urge to snap myself awake and continued to let myself be dragged into nothing. I could hear whatever was pulling me murmuring quietly, it sounded guttural and cruel (like what I imagine a goblin to sound like). The murmuring got progressively louder and was accompanied by the undeniable feeling of fear welling up inside me. As it became too much to bare I forced myself awake and just kind of lay there, too petrified to go back to sleep. I resolved to find some explanation for this and found myself here.

      I'd like some help interpreting or even understanding vaguely what was going on in my head.
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