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    Thread: Strangest lucid experience ever, I just had to get it written down and share my experience.

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      Strangest lucid experience ever, I just had to get it written down and share my experience.

      Dreamviews, I think I've posted a thread here before. Now, what I'm about to post is extremely long, but bear with me, it'll be worth it. I've had lucid experiences before, but it was nothing compared to what happened early this morning. I got a wake up call from my mother at about 9 AM exactly. I was still tired, so decided I would sleep for a little longer. I slowly drifted back off to sleep. Remember that instance I told you about earlier?

      That's important to note. I had an experience waking up one morning where I thought I would attempt SP. I laid still on my back and tried to keep my mind awake. I only remember then that I began to vibrate, and it wasn't a little vibration because I was relaxed, I could tell I was actually shaking due to the SP, I'm guessing. However, all of this is a blurry memory.

      But back to the original story. As I was drifting back to sleep, I began to shake erratically, violently almost. I decided to close my eyes because I thought I might drift into a dream world. I was right, a dream scene started forming from the pitch blackness of my eyes.

      I ended up in a small grassy field. There was a small toddler there. First thing I did was rub my hands together and spin around a few times. I think I felt the grass, too. I picked up the toddler to observe him, and he turned into a doll right in my hands, so I threw him on the ground. I remember a red truck coming up the road next to me, it's a little hard to remember after that.

      I was in a different place now, my house. I walked around for a bit and went into my room, where a beautiful girl was sitting. I basically told her to give me head and she just unzipped my pants and started masturbating me, then proceeded to start to lick my head. (Sorry if that's a little too graphic or anything, but I'm quite a few of you have gone at lucid sex, too.) After I, well, finished, I walked into my living room. I also decided to spin around and rub my hands one more time to make myself more aware, as I've heard that sometimes lucid dreams slip back into normal dreams.

      I remember it was dark out and I was trying to use my imagination (lucid dream, right?) to try and make it lighter outside. It turned to day, and as I turned around there was an Asian woman sitting on my couch. I went to look through my sliding glass door one last time, (this is where things get weird), there came a hulking, shadow individual with an axe. He was literally all shadow. As he was running up to the door, I had enough time to think about how this is the crap lucid dreamers always talk about.

      How sometimes, I know we have to fight against people that won't die or something weird. You just use your mind to defeat them, dream up a weapon in your hands or something. But before I could think, he smashed through the door and knocked me to the ground. My vision became blurry, and woke up. And I swear to you, I woke up kicking and I honestly saw a shadow blur turn the corner from the hallway, where it was no longer visible. I checked the clock, and apparently I woke up at 9:33 AM, so this dream lasted about 30 minutes.

      So, I have a few questions. The entire thing is a blur, however there are too many coincidences from past experiences to chalk it up to nothing. I can't remember my dream too well, and I would almost believe it was normal dream, except too many things happened right, and plus I felt....sentient. It's a little hard to explain, but it's like my mind was there in my conscience. You know how normal dreams just project, like a movie? This wasn't this, I don't think, I had control. Also, I can't explain that whole shadow thing, that freaked me out a bit. Basically, where he knocked me over in a laying down spot, I woke up in that same position. I could probably call it a hypnopompic hallucination at best, because I was moving and just came out of a dream so the hallucinations lasted a second more, but that's my best theory.

      Anyway, can't believe how much I'm rambling but I feel this instance was very special for me. All I really want, I guess, is advice. Advice on the shadow man, advice on how to deal with this in the future. Did I do anything wrong? Opinions, tips, questions, advice, anything at all is welcome. Thanks for sticking with me through all of that story.

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      There wasn't much you did wrong, in fact it was perfect from a stabilization/maintaining lucidity standpoint. The only part you should've changed was when this shadow figure appeared. I understand it was one of your first times dealing with something like this but all you needed to do was make him go away. Whether you just made him disappear with your mind or if you got a weapon and had a fight with him is up to you but just do something, don't let him smash into your house and knock you down/wake you up. However it's likely the dream was going to end anyway. You said you woke up in the same position he knocked you down into and moving around a lot. This was most likely just your body getting out of SP/waking up and you kicking around woke you up.

      As for the feeling you experienced that's pretty much what a very vivid lucid dream feels like. The almost omniscient or "sentient" feeling is just everything going on in your dream world being in your head and you technically knowing everything in that world. It's the feeling that makes LDs so amazing and incredible (that and the fact that you can do anything with no consequence )
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      Shadow Man

      I read your post, and thought of a documentary I had seen:

      Sleep Paralysis and Ghost Visions | Watch Free Documentary Online

      This is a VERY interesting film, and it gave me the creeps. I've never had this experience myself, but it does sound somewhat similar to what is being described in the film.
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