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      We should name different types of lucid dreams.

      I have had many lucid dreams in past 3 months but many of them and they are compeletly different experiences. One type is when you become lucid do the dream stabilization techniques but its still kinda foggy and you cant think clearly. The best ones are when you see everything crystal clear and you can think same way as in reality and everything just look too realistic. I had the good one yesterday and it was amazing. It was so clear and so real and i didnt even have to question reality i just could think so clearly. I have had good types about 10 in past 3 months. There are also the ones you know its dream but you still speak with dream characters like they are real. Other ones you know its dream but you dont react to it much. Is there name for different types and have you had any of the ones i mentioned?

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      You may find this thread interesting. Arby outlines a 0-110 scale describing various levels of lucidity. I feel like it pretty accurately describes my own experiences.

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