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    Thread: Flew to a different planet & fought darth maul. First lucid dream

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      Flew to a different planet & fought darth maul. First lucid dream

      So last night I had my first truly lucid dream, I had 3 prior but I woke up as soon as I realized I was dreaming. Also this was my first lucid dream in over a year.

      So lately I have been having an insane amount of nightmares, around 2 usually that I can remember a night (with no dream journal). I'm not sure why my dream recall has gotten so good lately. About a year ago I could recall about 3 dreams a night but only by using a dream journal every night.

      My dream started and I was in a high school classroom where I only recognized one girl from my high school. Long story short, she got mad and stabbed me directly in my stomach while I was sitting in a desk. (It hurt!) (Also I had never been killed in a dream before) I closed my eyes and for some reason it just hit me that I was in a dream. So I started just spinning in a circle (I'm standing now) and rubbing my hands together. I opened my eyes and I was outside my old house in my driveway next to what in real life is a dogwood tree, but in my dream it was a tree with bright purple flowers. The colors were extremely vibrant, way more than in real life. It was stunning, I can't even explain how extraordinary it looked.

      This is where it gets weird, but if you have stuck around this long you might as well keep reading. I decided to fly straight up and I flew like superman up to a different planet. This is a random planet that does not exist, and there are 3 people sitting in a hot tub which I go and sit in as well. A guy pulled out a blaster rifle (like in star wars) and shot at me but he missed and my new power of the force to fling them all away from me and I pulled out a lightsaber. I killed them all and made my way to a black door where a man walked out and we fought with our lightsabers. After I killed him I looked up and Darth Maul came out. He used the force to take away my lightsaber. He then shot lightning at me which I caught in my hand and shot back. He said "I am stronger than you give up" and I just completely forgot I was in a dream and was in control. I felt empowered before but I was immediately frightened and then I woke up.

      It was by far the most odd dream I have ever had. Oh and by the way I've been watching star wars since I was literally one year old, I'm 19 now. I guess that explains the star wars themed planet haha.

      Does anyone have any ideas as to how I could help use all of these nightmares to have more lucid dreams?
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      All what nightmares?
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