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    Thread: 10th LD

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      Talking 10th LD

      I finally had my 10th lucid dream this morning, after having a dryspell since march.
      I wasn't really expecting to get one. I woke up at about 9am, I wrote down two dreams I've had recalled and then went back to sleep.
      I suddenly found myself in the living room downstairs. I realised that I was dreaming but I wasn't fully lucid.
      I went to the kitchen and I saw the closet doors opening and closing by itself. Which really scared me.
      Then I heard someone turning on the shower, so I thought it was either my mom or my brother. So I shouted their names but no one replied.
      At this point, I figured out that I was probably home alone.
      Now things got really scary. I heard these loud footsteps on the stairs.
      They were really loud and fast, it seemed like it was a big scary creature going upstairs.
      I was just standing there, being completely terrified. And I started panicking which woke me up.
      I heard a loud ringing in my ears, I couldn't move and at the same time I kept hearing these footsteps on the stairs.
      I don't think I've ever been so scared in my entire life. But I'm really glad that I finally had another lucid dream and it was quite vivid aswell.
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      I can see you sleep through your bedroom window. You're killing yourself with lucid dreaming.

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      Congratulations on the LD, Crashyy, and especially on breaking that dry spell! WBTB is good stuff, isn't it?

      Keep up the good work!
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