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      10th LD - Three's Company!

      So I had my 10th LD today, I can't recall how I became lucid, but I remember really keeping my cool, slowing things down and taking the time to really taste/experience the surroundings - as people on here often advise. It made a huge difference.

      Somehow I ended up in the house I grew up in, in my old bedroom and noticed it was a beautiful day outside. So I climbed out the window and made my way carefully to the ground about 10 feel below - I was totally lucid but felt a little afraid to jump , everything was just so convincing, gravity too.

      I felt the grass and grabbed a handful of dirt and couldn't believe how real it all felt as the dirt crumbled between my fingers and poured back to the ground. Then I decided to walk into my neighbor's house and see what I might find.

      I find Janet and Terry from Three's Company just chilling in the living room! So one at a time, I lived out a fantasy I've had for years!
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      Cool! I never take time to feel the enviroment in a dream, it makes it sound so much better when you say you couldn't beleive how real it felt! Haha that last sentence was funny...

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