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      Possible first lucid

      We'll to start, I've just starting trying to have dreams in general, so I got a " dream journal " a couple weeks ago and had fragment like memories of the few dreams I had to far. I've only had 6 low quality dreams I wrote down so far. So yesterday, I woke up after about 7 hours of sleeping, and decided to just try a WILD for the hell of it. I keep thinking I am dreaming over and over again for about 30 minutes and all of a sudden, I lost track of my body and it felt really odd. Then I start seeing a sort of blurry smoke and right after that I start hearing a really harsh wind with a noise like a plastic bag just getting hit around. I am pretty startled at that point, and then it feels like I am opening my eyelids, but I completely aware that I am lucid dreaming at that point. I start opening up into a dream scene that happens to be where I was just sleeping at. It was soooo crazy, and then my room appears to be all white and all I can see is my alarm clock. I was still laying on my bed at that point looking around, then the noise of the plastic bag started getting louder and it scared me to the point where I wanted to wake up. So I remembered reading something on this website about moving your toes to wake up, so I starting doing fast and then I woke up. I'm pretty sure that was lucid, but like always, I have horrible dream recall, so it's always a low quality like blur. Btw if anyone can give me any tips on getting better dream recall, please let me know.

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      It sounds like the dream started out as a false awakening - where ther dream starts out in your own room.

      Since you were aware that you were dreaming, yes, it is a LD.

      I can't help out with the constant wind sounds - maybe next time you could try to remove it from the dream?

      As for recall, when you get up, just lay there, and think solely on the dream - get into as much detail as you can.

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      Congrats on your first lucid!
      You were lucid for sure since you were aware that you were dreaming. Also there's nothing to be scared of in dream, nothing can hurt you and if you find something that you don't like you can always make it disappear.
      Also check out those tutorials and a thread that lists some ways to improve recall:
      Induction Methods and Techniques
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