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    1. [WILD] A Series of Unparalleled Events

      by , 01-12-2014 at 11:34 PM
      Date: 1-13-14
      Time: 1:52 A.M. - 5:03 A.M.
      Technique(s) Used: N/A
      Non-Dream | Dream | Lucid
      This is the longest WILD I've had - in fact, the longest lucid dream, as well, so excuse the length

      The dream began with me waking up from my bed. From the moment I got up, I alread knew that I was dreaming.

      The house was dark, not many lights on. I ran my hand across walls to stabilize, and went to the living room.

      The lights were dimmed, but not so dim that I couldn't see. Everything was in its rightful place - nothing out of the ordinary.

      A few knocks echo from within. I go to the door, and see that it is a friend of mine. I open the door and let him inside, but take note that his eyes seemed awfully black.

      He comes inside, and immediately takes a swing at me. I had to fight him. Though I was dreaming, I did not have any great fighting moves - I simply tripped him up and hammered him with punches.

      In an effort to get away, he suddenly transformed into an action figure. He shot his limbs at me, to try and deter me from his escape. Unphased, I picked it up, tore off the head, and threw it outside. The moment I did, the sun rose, and brightened up the day.

      I stood outside, and looked to my left. There were several groups of other teenagers that seemed to be congregating some general thought. I began thinking of things I could do in the dream.

      The tasks of the month were the first to penetrate my thoughts. I turned to ask my mother, who was at the screen door, what her new years resolution was. She held a nore of 'umm' for a bit, then dodged it by asking me what mine was. I shoo the question away, and go in search of a better answer.

      I was swallowed by the group, and began asking around, seeing if anybody had a resolution. None did - their answers just the same as my mothers, only a lot more 'I don't knows'.

      I was going to go somewhere else to ask a different character, when all of a sudden a good friend of mine stood out within the crowd, donning many winder clothes. I ran to her, and asked her what her resolution was. All she said was 'Disney' - I assumed she meant to watch more.

      As we sit on the grass, I decided to try out the other basic task - I said to her, "Hey, it's night time."

      She responded with, "It's not night time - IT'S PRIME TIME!"

      I look to my left, and see that all of the teens are sitting as well - why? Looking to my right, I see a large skyscraper, with a huge TV attatched to it. It was playing a movie.

      Unable to remember any other tasks of the month, I decided to try and look them up while in the dream. I got up and turned to go inide, only to notice that my house had been replaced by a massive complex.

      I ran up the stairs, desperate to find a door. I suddenly stop, and say to myself, "Hey, I'm dreaming! Why am I trying to find a door?" I fall face first through the roof I am on.

      Down through darkness I descend, until a computer monitor begins to hum. I look at the screen, and see that it is on Dream Views. It was stuck on one thread - I cannot remember the name.

      Disappointed, I left, and emerge in a small housing area. There were train tracks that led through the area, but no station. Near the tracks, two girls, donning black, waited. I knew one, but not the other. Next to the tracks was a building that had no doors - just a hole.

      I went in and observed the space. There were games and stores all around. I assumed it was a sort of mall, and went back outside.

      When I went back outside, the girls were gone. I paid no further heed to this, and proceeded to climb a building. I made it up effortlessly.

      On top, I saw a bird. It flew away, and gave me the thought: Why don't I play a little god work? I began to recreate the bird, but in my own image - it was cold and metallic. I look to my left, and see if fly towards me. I catch it, observe my handiwork, and let it take flight once again.

      Climbing down, I hear several conversations going on. One guy said, "How could she like him over such a fabulous guy like me?" After I heard this, I was handed a notebook by a character. I found it odd that he handed it to me so absentmindedly - as if it were just automatic.

      I take it, and look inside. Written it is was this: '7:00. Don't be late.' I thought of the girls waiting for the train, and ran back inside the mall.

      I asked tons of people if anybody knew where the 7:00 train was headed. Nobody knew. One vendor, in broken English, told me to go down a different corridor - someone down there knew. I thanked him and ran down there.

      I go down a green hallway, and reach a nursing office. I asked the woman inside if she knew where the 7:00 train was going. She said that it was going to a village on the border of Korea. I thought of a way to get there.

      I walked up to a pale wall and ran my finger down it. This caused it to crack. I stuck my fingers in the crack, and opened it. It made a portal to a mirrored copy of a nursing office in Korea. I thank the woman, and step inside. Shutting the rift, I run my thumb on it, sealing the crack.

      Walking outside, I was confronted by a group. Whether they were just thugs or Korean police, I didn't know - but I knew I couldn't stay there. Jumping in a flying car, I drove away. However, they followed in their own cars.

      I was gunned down, but a large aircraft took hold of me and carried me to safety. I blacked out,and when I awoke, I was back in my bed, still in a dream.

      I went into the bright living room, and saw that my mother had made peppermint fudge, as indicated by the small candy canes on top. I went to the door, and looked out the window. I saw the sithouette of the aircraft that had saved me, and
      woke up.
    2. An Island

      by , 12-17-2013 at 10:59 PM
      Date: 12-17-13
      Time: 8:54 P.M. - 2:16 A.M.
      Technique(s) Used: Binatural Beats
      I was on a raft, gently floating towards a large island.

      The raft hit the dock, and I jumped off. I was not human - my arms were much too long. Nonetheless, I began to explore the island.

      I climbed up what looked like oddly-colored bamboo shoots with speed and ease. I climbed and climbed, not caring to stop.

      Eventually, as the dream willed it, I did stop, and was near a dark cave. The ocean was to the left, for waves were splashing up near the entrance. I was human now - my arms were as they looked in the waking world. There were more shoots around, which were prompting me to climb and see what else there was. However, something else had caught my eye, and apparently a DCs as well.

      Just below the entrance, inside a small crevice, was a tiny, golden egg. I lift it up, only to feel a powerful hand shove me away. There were two other DCs there - both tall, strong men. They wanted the egg.

      The egg flew out of my hands towards the ocean when I was shoved. My arm suddenly flew out and hit one of the men smack in the head. He staggered backwards, and I guess I hit him pretty hard - he didn't know what he was doing here. I told him that he was checking out something else on the other side of the island. He seemed to have a revelation then - he made his way there, the other following suit.

      I grab the egg before it can be washed out to see, and in that moment, it hatched. Inside was a small, dark blue bird (Now that I think about it, it looked like a very small version of the flut-flut from Jak and Daxter). I held it close, gently stroking it - I didn't want it to fall back into the ocean.

      As I held the creature, loud bangs echoed from the other side of the island. Handing the bird to a DC that was close by, I went to investigate. While I walked, I noticed a few other caves, some holdin old remains, one even holding an archaic-looking chest.

      I made it to where the other two DCs had gone, and sure enough, they were digging a pathway through the island. They were just about finished - I could see the other side.

      On the other side lay a cul-de-sac.

      I woke up soon after entering.
      From 2:20 - 5:51 A.M., there were only a few fragments, of which I cannot remember.
    3. [DILD] Hunted Soldiers/Shifting Room

      by , 12-14-2013 at 11:39 PM
      Date: 12-15-13
      Time: 9:21 P.M. - 6:58 A.M.
      Technique(s) Used: SSILD
      I wake to the start of multiple cries, and realize I'm in a group. Apparently, soldiers have taken our homes, and used them as refuges for a long time. We were ready to be rid of them, and their tyrrany.

      I was the leader, and asked the people if they had any ideas. One said that they all went into a store at a certain time of the day - right now, in fact. I ask around, asking what we should do.

      One of the people spoke up, saying we should lay a trap. We all comply with this, and begin to set it.

      We used C6, a highly explosive substance, as the killer. We set it, and are ready to go, until the one that set it mentioned that one should stay behind. I volunteered, and told everyone to leave. I bring up a rifle, and position myself near the door, a safe distance away.

      Three of them walked out, and were instantly consumed by blazing heat and cold stones. One runs out, trying to go left, but I take him out easily.

      One dives for cover, which prompted me to draw him out. I went around, and he makes a dash for a long tunnel in the middle of the area. I steady myself, breath deeply, and prepare for his arrival.

      The soldier suddenly pops out, like a gopher, right into my red dot sight. Two clicks of the trigger, and he is dead.

      A little HUD piece popped up in my vision, telling me I'd only gotten five out of the seven that had come here. I dropped the rifle and begna to search around for the other two.

      I was taken to a dog daycare, which was one of the houses with a large fence around it. I walk in, and sign my name on the in/out sheet. I'd been here before - my signature was there from two days ago.

      I give the woman $5 as she rattles on about her navy experiences to her friends. I was going to go inside her house, but the door led me into darkness.
      I am in bed, but not my usual bed. Next to me was another bed, housing my brother and a dog. The TV was on, playing some cartoon.

      I wondered why the dog never slept with me, and instantly the dog jumped to my bed. I was too big, the bed too small, which left no room for the dog to sleep. It (For I didn't know its gender) hopped back to my brothers bed, and rested.

      In the blink of an eye, the room shifts. I'm close to the door now, still in bed, but now my dad is in the room, smiling.

      The dog jumps at him, and jumped into him, as if he were a portal. I did a reality check, and realized that I was dreaming.

      My brother said, "Cooooool, we're dreaming!" right after.

      I was about to get up and leave, but my dad said "Wait, I want to show you something." Interest piqued, I sat down.

      He handed me a red plastic cup, and tol me it was cookies and creme. I tilt it in my mouth, but nothing comes out. Suddenly, a burst of flavor fills my mouth and throat. I had to shut my eyes in ecstacy.

      Right then, I remembered Basic Task II. I slowly counted to 10 with my fingers, still drinking from the air in the cup. When my eyes opened, the room had shifted yet again.

      I was in the far corner, the room darker now. A light hum and a gentle glow permeated my senes, prompting me to go investigate. It was a computer hooked up to a toaster.

      I type in coffee, and out pops a thin and tall pop-tart. I take it, and take a bite, surprised to have it taste flaky, instead of hard. The coffee taste was sweet, with an underlying tone of bitterness
      (Usually, I put a bunch of creamer in coffee - I dislike it most of the time).

      I go outside the door, and are taken into a schoolroom. There was a mansion model on one of the desks, and it must've been for me, for my last name was on it. I investigate the model, only to soon awaken.

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    4. Schoolwork/Albums/Madhouse

      by , 12-03-2013 at 10:44 PM
      Date: 12/3/13
      Technique(s) used: N/A
      Time: 9:30 PM - 5:50 AM
      I started out in school, working on some sort of web page. I cannot remember the content, but I do remember the teacher coming over and telling me to fix somehting on it.

      I looked around the class, observing everyone else that was working. I looked in my backpack, and dug out an album. Darkness came shortly after I closed my bag.
      Suddenly I am in my room, leaning over my bag. I'm next to my closet, which houses my shelf.

      I dig in my bag, and pull out the album I'd picked up earlier. The text was unreadable. I shelved it next to the others.

      I pull out another one, which hapens to be two in one. One I recognized off the bat - it was an album I'd gotten a while ago. However, something wasn't right; the artwork wasn't correct, and the text was green, instead of the usual red.

      There wasn't enough time to investigate - I was suddenly spiraling downward, into a new dream.
      I was in a house, much different from the one I live in now. I had in my hand a flier.

      I open it up, and look inside. There were a multitude of pictures of beasts and monsters from different album art. Some were fighting others, some seemed to be wandering the black halls. I close it, and headed for a bedroom.

      Finding one, I went inside, and sat myself down. Instantly, a low growl eminated inside the room. Terror seized me, and I froze up for a moment. In came a black entity, of which I cannot remember the shape.

      I then woke up.
    5. Theft

      by , 11-28-2013 at 05:12 AM
      Date: 11-28-13
      Technique(s) used: N/A
      Time: 4:00 - 6:31 AM
      In the instant the dream started, I was thrown into a cold, Christmas-themed area. I had an objective - to steal a prized possesion within the walls of what seemed to be a store of sorts.

      I walked across ice, feeling a small chill whip around the area. I make my way inside, where it is much warmer.

      People flooded the space, which made this mission a bit more complicated. I made my way through the crowds, heading west of the entrance.

      Swimming out of the ocean of people, I make my way over to a small section of the store - it connected the room I needed to get to, and the one leading to the entrance. There were many dressers, cabinets, and even a small section for books. Looking around, I saw only a couple of people within the room, and started to go to the objective when something caught my eye.

      A young woman walked into the room, along with ehr daughter, just as I was about to leave. She seemed fime, but something didn't look right on her face. It seemed to be twisted and possessed, as if it belonged to a demon. She merely smiled at me, and I smiled back. Must be the watchdog, I thought. If she didn't know that I could see her real face, I'd be okay.

      I helped her daughter pick out a book from a bookshelf, and made my way to the next room. This room bolged out forward, fitted with curved windows. I could see the snow and ice outside. The entire room shone an ocean blue, and was filled with artifacts.

      I made my way to a small table placed at the center. It shone with a gold hue, bright and beautiful. It was a jar, coated with aged bronze. I lifted it up, surprised at how light it was, and pocketed the artifact.

      Making my way out, I reached into my pocket, ready to call my affiliate that the mission was completed. However, when I reached in there, I felt nothing. The phone was gone.

      I ran back inside, only to be assaulted with darkness, and woke into the world.

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    6. The Town/Medium/Celebration

      by , 11-26-2013 at 08:09 AM
      Date: 11-26-13
      Technique(s) used: WBTB
      Time: 2:10 - 5:57 AM
      The scenario started out with me in an apartment, with my mom. It was a junky looking place, paint peeling off of walls.

      I went outside, and checked the town out. It was a bright day, possibly the middle of the day.

      Soon enough I got lost within the labyrinth of a place, and tried ot make my way back. The route I'd chosen to go back home took me through a run-down section of the town. Old houses, worn with age, plagued the area; It made me think that this was a boil on the town's face.

      I tried to ask some people as ot where the apartment complex was but nobody was able to speak english; they all spoke in a language I'd never heard before. Puzzled, I make my way through the maze, and eventually find my way back.

      Night had fallen the instant I stepped inside. And what was waiting inside, but a trusty dog. It was not a golden retriever, however - this one was a keshond. It greeted me, and I took a seat on the floor.

      The dog layed across my lap, and I stroked its long, black fur. I eventually heard a knock on the door, and went over to answer it.

      When I opened it, I walked into another dream.
      I walked into a large house, it looking much cleaner and newer than the apartment. Stepping inside, I could smell the fresh country air leaking in from the windows.

      I heard footsteps around the house soon after. Panicked, I swiftly made my way out of the complex, but not quick enough to see, out of the corner of my eye, a woman.

      She was a medium, I knew that instantly - how, exactly, I could not figure out. In fact, I'm still perplexed as to how I knew such.

      As I made my way down stone steps to the road, I hear from the back of me, "Do you know whos scizzors these are?"

      Curiosity overtaking me, I look over my shoulder. Instantly, I felt a sucker punch to my emotons as I whisper every so quietly, "Oh my God."

      The pair of safety scizzors belonged to a friend I had a long time ago - one of the only ones I'd had at the time. I'd moved away, and never heard from him again.

      Warm tears began to streak down my face as I stare up at them. It was small, but I could clearly see the scizzors. She began hurriedly walking down the steps, saying somehting about the hospital, but my emotions had completely overtaken my body; I was frozen in place.

      I shut my eyes to wipe the fluid away, and therein changed the scenario.
      In that instant, I was inside of a van, which was pulling up to a flat house. I got out, and inspected the outside. My mission was clear: I was to plant a device in this persons' house without them knowing. It was their birthday, and we wanted to discreetly let him know we had a party planned.

      I walk up to the house, and quietly open the front door. I dive for a counter, hiding behind it, as he'd come to inspect why the door was open.

      I make my way to the east side of the house, going for a corner. I planted the device on a windowsill, being careful to balance it. It was a birthday timer, set to go off at 12:00 AM, which was approaching fast. It was going to shoot off tiny fireworks, set off sparklers, and so forth.

      I make my way out of the house slyly, being sure to quietly shut the door. There were more people outside now, several cars litterred the frint yard. People waited outside, drinking some sort of alcoholic drink that was red at the bottom, and yellow on top. When offerred one, I turned it down.

      We all began to count the seconds down. Ten, nine, eight, so on and so forth.

      The device goes off, and we could hear tiny bangs echo from the house. It had worked.

      We all flooded in through the door, and began to celebrate.

      I soon woke up after being hugged and kissed on the cheek by the birthday kid.

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    7. The Kidnapping

      by , 11-24-2013 at 11:03 PM
      Date: 11-25-13
      Technique(s) used: WBTB
      Time: Between 2:45 and 5:00 AM
      At first, it felt like I was watching an old 60s movie.

      I was watching a man, face contorted into some demonic thing, walk down an aisle filled with people. He stopped next to a woman, who was talking to the people sitting next to her. She turned to her side, and looked up at him.

      She screamed like anyone in a cheesy horror movie would.
      My dream eyes snapped open, and I was sitting in that aisle. I got up, and looked at the space, wondering why it looked like an airplane cabin. There was a door at the end.

      I approached the door, and opened it. I was lead into a large library, and began to investigate.

      After a solid little bit of searching for something, I came up with nothing. Loosing all hope, I walked back to the door, and went to go and sit back down.

      I was surprised to see that the door led me not to the cabin, but instead to a large convention. There were multiple tables, each representing a store or restaurant. Some of them offerred food, and I accepted. Some tasted greasy, others fairly good.

      I asked each stand if they'd seen someone pass through there, someone with an odd face. Each stand said they hadn't. When I asked the last stand, a magic shop, another vision hammerred into my head.

      It showed the man walking down a different aisle, ready to abduct another woman. Another scream, another vision ended.

      I raced to the door, and opened it. This time, it took me into an office corridor. I went inside, and investigated a meeting room.

      Inside the room, there lay a golden retriever. I tried to stroke its head, but when I did, its eyes glowed red, and it nipped at my hand, nearly taking my fingers off.

      I used a chair to fend it off until I awoke.
      (I actually tried to DEILD to go back into the dream, but it didn't work)

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    8. Escape/Game Session/The Bookshelf

      by , 11-23-2013 at 10:30 AM
      Date: 11-23-13
      Techniqu(s) Used: N/A
      The dream started out with me running through tight corridors in a city. Enforcers were after me, for I was a part of a renegade group within the city. The exact reason I was being chased was unknown.

      I ran across stone-paved roads, up walls, and across rooftops, all to get away from the officers.

      I eventually made my way to a beach that had a train station on it. The rest of my group was waiting there, so I figured it was a rendevouz point. We were to board the train, and escape the confines of this city.

      We heard the engine roar, as it was approaching our stop. However, the train suddenly jerked, and went off the rails. Bodies spewed out of the cabins, as if to be blood for the train. My group managed to evade the crash.

      Out from the train steps a shady figure - my mind instantly knew it was an assassin. He had a large trenchcoat on, all black attire, which made it hard to see his face.

      I made a snap decision, and picked up a toy-sized katana (About the size of an action-figure's accessory). I lunge at him, and stab him a multitude of times in the front and back. Sastisfied, I drop the weapon, and turn back to my group.

      That was my fatal mistake.

      The assassin was on top of me in an instant, and penetrated my side with the same weapon. I fell over, my side numb.

      All of a sudden, a flock of creatures called Death Vultures descended on the remains of those that had passed on. The birds were completely black, featherless, and had white skulls as heads.

      The assassin was trying to say something, but I hush him abruptly; if they saw someone alive, they'd tear us to shreads. We stay still as one lands on a fallen segment of a train to inspect the spoils.

      It soon took flight, and dived at me. It picked me up in its powerful talons, and carried me off into my next dream.
      The scenario changes to me with a group of people that were gaming. The game resembled a mixture of Mario and Megaman, with different characters.

      The 'head' of the group was having trouble collecting 200 coins for a achievement, since we'd already beat the game. I swipe the controller away from him, and complete the mission. I hand it back to him, and we move on to the next achievement.

      For this next one, we had to eat a difficult boss, a demonic doctor, with a certain character, whose main attacks were up close punches. We all had a hard time beating him.

      Eventually, our lives depleted, and it switched to a cutscene. It looked as if it was rendered for PS1.

      It started out with a zoom in on some doors, guesome sounds emitting from them. I covered my eyes, mortified to know what was going on in there. The camera goes inside the room, and it starts to get a view of our characters. I uncovered them for a second, and when I saw the main character tied to a table, I recovered my eyes with my hands, which caused me to transition into a new scenario.
      I uncover my eyes, and end up back in my room. I was sitting in my chair, which had wheels.

      Someone began to push me around. Assuming it was someone from the group, I ask, "How long have you been in the group?" I recieved no responce.

      The movement stopped shortly after I'd asked, and I noticed somehting strange: My booksheld was messy, books all around it. I begna to clean it up, when I saw somehting else that was not right: There was a bunch of pink, paperback Stephen King books. I didn't remember having these.

      I opened one up, and was surprised to see that it was a guide to an RPG game. Something wasn't right.

      I began to clean up the rest of the books, and realized tha thte pink books were a part of a series. Some other books I didn't recognize.

      I soon woke up in the midst of cleaning.
    9. A Hotel for Five/A Hunt for Demons

      by , 11-23-2013 at 12:17 AM
      Date: 11/21/13
      Technique(s) Used: WBTB

      I was with my family, and we were all driving to a hotel. We enter through the doors, and my dad calls me on the hotel room phone (Which looked suspiciously like our house phone). He sounded a little different on the phone. I turn around after he calls, and there he is, inside the room, a phone in his hand.

      I decided to take a walk outside, and soon came across a road. There was a small child playing in the road. A green car was blazing towards him, so I run and toss him out of harm's way.

      I am struck by the car, but not in the conventional way - I seemed to have glided over the car, instead of getting thrown backwards, onto my back.

      The car skidded to a stop, and came to check and see if I was breathing. Apparently, the crash caused my clothes to disappear.

      I ran for a golf cart, and drove back to the hotel. Obtaining queer looks from guards, I go back inside.

      On the other side of the door, there was a large golden retriever. I played with him, and soon awoke.

      This dream took place within an old school, one I didn't recognize. I was with Dean (from Supernatural), looking for something; I can't seem to remember what.

      I went outside to try and find the Deuce, only to come upon a forest of cars and other vehicles. I tried looking around, while the sounds of construction work filled the air. You could smell the dirt and stone they were using.

      As I gave up hope, I come back to a scene: Dean was being confronted by a small group of construction workers, lead by the architect of the operation. I rush over, hoping things hadn't escalated yet. They were about to, so I used my quick wits to get us out: I told Dean to "Get back inside, grandpa," for he had with him a bright, yellow cane, and shoved him back into the building.

      We retreat into the sanctuary of the school, smiling and laughing at each other. We go into a small room, with a couch in it. From one of the windows on the doors, we see the group readying black crossbows to get us. I began to lock doors, and Dean went to investigate an entrance across from the room we were in.

      I lock and secure all doors within the room. As soon as I finish, I hear a loud bang, like a door being slammed open. I dive behind the couch, searching for something blunt, in case I am found. Behind me, there was a large, plastic sniper (Probably Nerf), colored bright blue. I grab it, and made a plan: If they came this way, I'd trip them with it.

      The footsteps come closer, and I grow more nervous. Where was Dean? The footsteps come close, and my heart seems to stop. Then, I hear something that relieves me: It was the voices of children.

      I stand up, and my hypothesis was proven right - it was two kids, both with foam dart guns in hand. I smile at them, and we all play for a minute. They shoot me, and I pretend to go down dramatically, gripping my chest and shutting my eyes.

      When they opened, I was back in my room, awake.