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    Thread: Strange semi-lucid dream

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      Strange semi-lucid dream

      This is the first time I ever had a lucid dream in a few years now, and I'm wondering on your feedback.

      There was one dream in which I was checking NFL results on my phone but they all seemed rather strange and the records as well seemed strange as well. I didn't believe that those were real, so I was able to do a reality check by pinching myself, but I didn't wake up. During that time I felt I was transported to some strange alternate reality.

      There was another dream in which my teacher sent me to this dark room filled with doughnuts because I wasn't paying attention to a lecture. I ate all the doughnuts. The teacher punished me, but later in that dream I was standing in front of my porch and I realized I was dreaming. The dream began destabilizing but I then rubbed my hands, and what happened was that I felt this weird feeling. I felt this really strong charge, this really strong vibe in my body I don't think I ever felt before. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get complete control of the dream. However, it still felt very special.

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      Experienced a similar feeling too sometimes when I realized that I am in a dream. It came somewhere from the stomach and went through my heart into the whole body.
      Hmm maybe it's some kind of brain check if the body is paralyzed or something.

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