I'm at my house, suddenly there is a lava flood on the news. My family said we have to leave. Next thing I know, we are at some camp with wooden barriers protecting us in. In the middle of the camp is a mobile home for eating and sleeping. We go inside, there are lots of people eating lunch. I sit down and start having some chips. Suddenly lava flows into the mobile home. Everyone screams and runs into the corner farthest from the lava. I think to myself "There is something strange about a lava flood..." Then I realize "This is a dream!" I immediately make all the lava in the world disappear. Then I step outside. Two people who look like stormtroopers in the Hoth suits start shooting at me. I hide behind a block of concrete. Someone else is there. He tells me these people are bandits and think the lava flood is still happening. I look at one and make him disappear. As I do this 3 yellow masks spin around above where his head was. It looked like when people get knocked out in cartoons, stars spin around their head. Except these were masks and his head wasn't there anymore. I make the other one disappear and the same thing happens. I asked myself "What do those masks mean?" Immediately after asking that I realize everything in a dream means something, even the connections between two ideas means something. I heard this information before, but now I felt it (I guess?) Anyway after that a bald guy walks up to me and thanks me for saving everyone. He gives me some medal and the dream ends.