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    Thread: Shared Dreaming Lucid

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      Shared Dreaming Lucid

      Okay so I just awakened and I'm pretty excited because I didn't have a lucid since almost... two weeks? I don't know, but I just had two lucids in a night, something new to me. I think salvia was the key. The first lucid dream happened when I was in my room, doing I-dont-know-what because I can't recall it now (do you know when you wake up and many dreams seem to have fused with each other?). Anyway, I did a reality-check and got lucid, but it's was too unstable and even though I tried to stabilize it I lost it.

      Second lucid, the fun one, is a bit confuse, because it seems like it's fused with another one and I can't difference where's the beginning.
      So I was in my house, going downstairs, and I did a reality check. What? Is this a lucid dream? It's too real to be a dream, no way. Another reality-check. Okay, this a dream. How the hell? I had twelve fingers, and it was kind of funny because when I looked to my hands to count all fingers without having to count them one by one they were changing, I mean, it was some sort of paradox. I wonder why does this happen in dreams. I didn't know what to do, so I opened the window of the living room and went out. 'Gonna fly a little' I thought. I wanted to jump to try a different way of flying, but a guy in the street saw me and thought I was going to commit suicide (what?). He started screaming and the stupid dream character went inside another house to try to catch me. He ended up trapped to I had to go down to free him (it seems like my awareness was not too high, because it's stupid worrying about a dream character). After that I went down and a friend of mine appeared. We started talking and I told him: ''You know about lucid dreams? We are dreaming now'' and thing that surprised me the most was that he didn't get angry. He looked very surprised and I told him to come to my house at 15:30 in real life to check if we were having a shared lucid dream.

      [Now I think I lose lucidity because I was thinking that I had woken up and everything was real life, even though my friend was still there]
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      I am confused. Your friend was still where?
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