OK so here's a post right from my Dream journal:

First i was in a car with a woman and a man, who wanted to give something to my neighbors. My dad was also there somewhere. Then i went out of the car and saw that my dad tried to put everything in from the window which was rectangular and broken. Then they said : what if it breaks or someone steals it ? Then i appeared back in the car with woman and she started driving. After a minute she became insane. She started to drive at 120km'h(~) and i tried to stop her. It was successful and we stopped at the shop.

Then i appeared in darkness in my house. I felt the surface i was touching ( it was in middle of my room). Then i kinda forced myself to look at my hands. I counted some, and there were 12 fingers. I immediately went to my sisters room. While going, i felt like it becomes darker. I rubbed my hands and turned around myself. The hands felt like numb when i rubbed them. Then i went into the sisters room. I saw there like a menu of buttons which would do something. There was a ragdoll girl sitting. Then i took her and went into the kitchen. Then a girl, whom i know in real life, appeared out of nowhere and i dropped the ragdoll right on her.

As i've posted before, i sometimes look at my hands and see more than normal amount of fingers. This time it was a little bit different. Before bed i decided that i have to force myself to look at my hands, when im dreaming. And the feelings were as strong as never before. I felt the rubbing hands totally numb, also i felt some surfaces.

I don't know how much lucid i was, but im pretty sure it was like a gap between subconscious and conscious lucidity. But it was indeed the most vivid dream in terms of senses, except sight, because it was pretty dark in the rooms.

Also if anyone remember that thread of lucidity levels, please post it here, i would appreciate it.