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      A new one for me...

      I've been having lucid dreams pretty much all my life, but not often. I had an interesting one last night. I realized I was dreaming after most of the dream already took place and I decided to take advantage of it and not worry about how I interact with others in the dream. I woke up a few seconds later with no warning (sometimes I feel myself being close to waking up and I have to kind of ease up on whatever I'm doing and concentrate to stay asleep). It's possible I dreamed the wake up though. A few seconds later I was asleep again and back in the same dream - that's the new part for me as far as I remember. I was immediately lucid and took advantage of it for maybe 30 seconds, then woke up for good.

      I'm new here, so here's a brief description of the kinds of lucid dreams I've had. When I was young and wanted to change dreams or wake up I'd crouch down and close my eyes tightly. The result would often be a different dream and me wondering whether it's a dream or real life. More recently, I'd just open my eyes to wake myself up. I use to think back on that and wonder whether I really did it, but eventually it was clear that I did.

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      What happened here sounds like a DEILD - Dream Exit Induced Lucid Dream. This is where you are ejected from the dream, and quickly go back into it shortly after waking up.

      Great job on changing the dreamscape - that takes quite a level of control. Also, very nice mechanism on waking up.

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