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    Thread: Titanic and Flying through Mirrors

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      Titanic and Flying through Mirrors

      So now I'm happy to say that I'm averaging about 1 lucid a week

      Last night I decided that I wanted to try experiencing a W.I.L.D...

      So I went to bed I verbalized my intentions to have a lucid dream and to wake up after my first dream. I woke up after one of my dreams, which was 5 hours after bedtime. I decided this would be the best time to try WILDing To pass the 30 minutes, I took the time to write in my DJ the last dream I had remembered and afterwards went to a group on Facebook that is about LD's. It was now time to get BTB . I relaxed my body while using the mantra, "I'm dreaming". When I breathed out, I counted backwards . Several times I lost my place, which indicated that I was falling asleep . Either that or I can't count backwards lol. I also got very distracted thinking about creative ways I could make the numbers appear and disappear like having an ocean wash them away one by one on a sandy beach . Anyway, I was hoping to feel vibrations or what not, but then again this is not the goal. I decided to try again some other time and just set my mind on LDing instead. Apparently whatever I did helped me have a LD. The next time I "woke up" I decided to do a reality check because I read about possible false awakenings. When I went to do the reality check I was positive I was not dreaming, but blown away when my reality check indicated that I was!! I was so filled with excitement that I could barely contain my emotions . Then I remembered that if I don't want to lose lucidity I need to be the little poker player with the good hand . I closed my eyes to stabilize the dream and focus . The next thing was thinking about all the things I want to do in my lucid dream . I couldn't point my finger on something yet so I just decided rather than to be idle in the dream, to just get up and start flying . My repressed excitement must have been expressed in the super speed in which I started to fly. Mirrors in the sky appeared and I suddently remembered that last week in my lucid dream I wanted to walk through mirrors but kept bumping into them. I had proposed myself that in my next LD I was going to visualize water in place of glass in order to walk through it. So apparently my intention had done that for me in this LD without even visualizing it or thinking it and I flewthrough the mirrors in the sky .

      After flying through mirrors I remembered another goal I had set the week before, which was to ask God something . I can't remember what I asked because I hadn't developed a question, but I did want to ask something. I didn't get an answer. I moved on to my next goal, which was to dive down into the Atlantic Ocean to visit the sunken Titanic. Immediately, like a compass, my dream body directed toward that locaton which I had pinpointed on a map last week . When I got there to the location, my dream body dove down hundreds of feet. It took a couple of minutes to get there since it was so far down. When I arrived, it was breathtaking There she was, in all her mysticism...the Titanic. To make things a lot more romantic and epic the Titanic musical soundtrack played all around me. I had a camera on me. For some reason I wanted to take pictures thinking I could take the pictures back to my WL to show them to my husband so he can see that I was actually there.

      I feel so accomplished, refreshed and inspired! I can't wait to have a WILD though. Even though DILD is great, I really am excited about experiencing WILD.
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      WILDs are great, indeed. happy dreams

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