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    Thread: First Awesome Realistic Lucid Dream

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      First Awesome Realistic Lucid Dream

      Ok so a little bit of background info... I've only had one good lucid dream before', it was about 3 months ago and was 10 minutes long...I've also tried many times to wild but it never came to me, I only had one that was 5 seconds long that scared the crap outa me....
      So yesterday I came back from hanging out with friends at 11pm...I took 1mg of melatonin and went to sleep at about 12. I then woke up at 4am and couldn't go back to sleep until 5am...I tried to wild as I dosed off, but it didn't work and I went back to sleep. Now here's when all the fun starts...
      I started to dream and I was in a room that was in an awesome wooden mansion.... I immediately knew I was dreaming and did a the nose plug reality check, and I was breathing through the right side of my nose ( I went to sleep before that breathing through my right side since the left was stuffed ). I was just shocked and I saw random people hanging around a couch, but I did not care one bit. I then tried to close my eyes to appear some where else, because I was bored, but I ended up actually waking up! So I did the nose plug RC and I was awake . But the. I remembered reading something about a dield, so then I closed my eyes and started thinking of the dream, in a few seconds my body felt like it was getting flushed with a sort of vibrating energy, and within a couple seconds it was gone, and I opened my eyes and I was in the same place again!!! I was so excited and shocked that I did an RC that I heard on this website, so I took out my iphone and looked at the time which was 12:46 and it changed to 3:46 after I looked away and looked back at it! Right then I decided to explore the mansion, so I made my way out the open door and walked into this grand foyer..everything was cool looking, but I really wanted to go somewhere else outside.....so I went back to the original room, tried to push a wall to go through to go somewhere else....as soon as I did that, I woke up in real life, tried an RC and I was awake.....I was disappointed but quickly tried another dield, and in 10 seconds I got the white energy flushing feeling and then it stopped and I opened my eyes again and I woke up again, but I didn't! I tried an RC and I was back Ina dream again, I walked outa my room and made my way outa my house. I walked the streets for awhile, but then the dream started blacking out, but I quickly started rubbing my hands together and clarity came back. So then I wanted to fly, but I tried and only got low gravity types of big jumps....I ended up jumping to a motel area, and met a bunch of my old friends hanging out in one of the rooms. I was talking to them interested in what they would say in a dream, and some pretty cool conversations popped up. I then saw some people I didn't like in the room, so I literally pointed my arm to them ( like I was using the force ) and moved some people out of the building. After awhile I decided I wanted to get out of that motel room, and then I walked out into the six flags great adventure theme park..... I was flabbergasted at how real it was....I then wanted to fly really bad, but the low gravity wasn't working too well, so I found pieces of scrap metal on the floor and decided to put em on my back as a kind of jetpack and it worked!! After that I think the rem cycle dissipated or I forgot the the rest, but all in all It was a great dream! I did everything I wanted to do, but forgot I wanted to go space. Also I forgot to say max clarity to make it even more better, but it was good enough anyway.
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      Wow congrats on your experience! Sounds pretty good.

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