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      Hi frying man I see in one of your replyís to a post you said that TYoDaS have re released the book and re- edited some of it I was wondering how much re editing have they done, trying to decide if itís worth re-reading I never really liked the book as I thought some of the practices were vague and couldnít see how they worked but I liked the clarification the editing has brought in that one piece you quoted .

      Your comment about a forum user called lenscaper has given me some extra fuel for LD practice too, you said how he would practice something for years at a time and as a result is lucid frequently.

      I keep missing a reoccurring dream signs and sometimes wonder if Iíll recognise it or if Iím doing something wrong and other times I think may be itís a patience thing when enough time has passed and daily habits of RCing after seeing said dreams signs have made there neural pathways in my brain then may be it will click into place.
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      Your posts have been ones of the most inspirational for my journey. I would really appreciate if you could give your take on my MILD version I published in the Attaining Lucidity section.
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      Hi dude I didnīt know about the book " The Ultimate Lucid Dreamer’s Manual: From Basics to Beyond".
      It seems quite interesting to read and is free !
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      Too cool! Cleared out some space for you...
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      Oh, so I can't pm you then?
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      Hi frying man, I was wondering, could I ask you a question?
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      Hiya, FryingMan! Just wanted to say that you're such an inspiration! I always look forward to reading your posts.
    9. It's all about the dreams, the awareness, not the counts . I had an amazing, long, maybe-sometimes-semi-lucid weird nap dream today. LDs are great, but recalling all those dreams every night is the best.
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      I can't believe you're beating me
      I've had a horrible dryspell ever since the last comp ended! T^T
      Would you mind like taking a break for like a year so I can catch up?? (jk)
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    About FryingMan

    Basic Information

    About FryingMan
    LD Count:
    Part I: Beginnings

    Before my LD practice, I had a typical experience with dreaming: most nights I remembered nothing. If a dream was not particularly emotional I usually didn't remember it. Once in a rare while I'd experience a very vivid dream and remember it clearly (very few). I have treasured memories of flying dreams from childhood, and some childhood nightmares about a bogeyman who chased me and when he caught me all the monsters came flying out all around. I could go weeks or months without any significant dream memories in the morning. (I shudder now to think of those dreamless times!).

    I got into LD practice via my son, who regaled me with tales of his WILD adventures. I never paid too much attention to them, being somewhat dismissive initially, but one night in summer, 2013, sleeping out in the country I had a strange experience: I felt that I woke in the night, sat up in bed in the room I was sleeping in, and heard footsteps crunching on the leaves that sounded like someone was immediately outside my (widely opened) window. I salt bolt upright in bed, and looking out the window think I saw (or perhaps sensed) a shadowy, strong and perhaps malevolent presence outside the window. I felt entirely and completely awake. I returned to sleep, and the next morning I couldn't decide if I had been awake or not during that experience, and I was suddenly very interested in lucid dreaming. As is my wont, I immediately started searching for resources to learn more. I soon learned about ETWOLD, started reading it, and was instantly hooked.

    The rest is history. The very first night that I set intention to remember my dreams, to wake during the night to recall dreams, I recalled about 4-5 dreams during the night and recorded them in my DJ! I was so excited! Dream recall seemed natural and magical. I was on vacation, in a quiet, dark place, far away from the noisy city, sleeping alone in my own room.

    In the days and weeks that followed, I practiced everything that LaBerge recommended: critical reflection/intention moments during the day, RCs, prospective memory exercises, setting intention at night to recall and to journal dreams.

    When I felt that I had built up a decent base of recall, I started trying nighttime techniques like MILD, SSILD, and WILD. That's when the bubble burst a bit: I discovered the horrors of middle-of-the-night INSOMNIA. When I was just recalling dreams and heading right back to sleep I had no trouble returning to sleep and dreams. But these night-time visualization and awareness-boosting approaches left me wired wide awake, and many nights I missed the best REM dreaming periods to insomnia.

    I kept desiring to return to out place outside of the city on the weekends, and sometimes did, so I could recreate those quiet, dark, still conditions that I began LD practice with. And on one such weekend trip exactly one month to the day after I first set intention to recall dreams, I had my first lucid dream!

    It came, as many did afterwards, at the end of a long and particularly vivid, highly present dream at the end of the night. My first LD was an incredibly memorable experience, and I'm thankful that it lasted more than an instant, in fact it was around 45-seconds to a minute in length.

    My second LD came exactly one week after my first, also on weekend night.

    The lucid dreams were mind blowing -- but equally awesome were the nights full of vivid, weird, wacky, sexy, fun and funny non-lucid dreams. In my first flying dream, which was very vivid, I faced down and defeated my childhood dream block of overhead power lines: during the day I visualized meeting them at the start of a flying dream, and facing them head on, flying right at them and breaking through them effortlessly -- and this is exactly what happened in my dream! I was laughing in pure happiness that I had once and for all beaten my old flying-restricting nemesis. Only a few more times did I meet the power lines, each time flying right through them without problem. This was a major accomplishment.

    Part II: The First Year (To Be Continued...)
    The Present Moment
    How you found us:
    reddit lucid dreaming side bar


    FryingMan's Unified Theory of Lucid Dreaming: Pay Attention, Reflect, Recall -- Both Day and Night[link]
    FryingMan's Dream Recall Tips -- Awesome Links
    ďNo amount of security is worth the suffering of a mediocre life chained to a routine that has killed your dreams.Ē
    "...develop stability in awareness and your dreams will change in extraordinary ways" -- TYoDaS


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    Recent Entries

    2023-08-18 weak fragments (Obstacle course?) but GREAT SLEEP

    by FryingMan on 08-18-2023 at 12:42 PM

    Colors: Lucid, Semi-lucid, Non-lucid
    [comment from waking] in angle brackets
    (comment / clarification from dreaming) in parentheses
    Abbreviations: DS = dream sign, CH = childhood home, S1/S2 = sons, S/O = someone, S/A = something about, [f] = fragment, b/r = bathroom trip, Wn = waking #n, BT = bedtime, OOB = final out of bed time in morning, DO = Disembodied Observer

    Summary of the Night
    • BT: ~00:00 , OOB: ~07:30, fitbit score: 82 (6:41 asleep, 1:01 awake, 1:18 deep, 1:22 REM, 90%); supps: GABA, Glycine, Tryptophan, Mag-T, L-Thea, Apegn
    • Very active during the day. 3 long walks, 2nd one VERY long. Lots of time in the sunlight. Lots of movement.
    • Wakings:
      1. 02:21 b/r, no recall
      2. 07:27, recall (weak) <<< --- FIVE HOURS CONTINUOUS SLEEP!!! YYYYEEEESSSS!!!!

    W2: Obstacle course [f]
    Climbing over a tall wall. Bananas? Big group of people. Plot-focused activities. Vague, forgotten


    2023-08-17 no recall!

    by FryingMan on 08-17-2023 at 08:48 AM
    Nothing to say. Hot night, hard to sleep, lighting storm and thunder woke me up and scared the dogs, basically didn't get back to sleep. Just one tiny weak fragment. Feeling of a longer dream.

    + [f] something about people in a bunker?

    2023-08-16 fake voice call, bowling, nuclear research, shower/drain

    by FryingMan on 08-16-2023 at 10:38 AM

    Colors: Lucid, Semi-lucid, Non-lucid
    [comment from waking] in angle brackets
    (comment / clarification from dreaming) in parentheses
    Abbreviations: DS = dream sign, CH = childhood home, S1/S2 = sons, S/O = someone, S/A = something about, [f] = fragment, b/r = bathroom trip, Wn = waking #n, BT = bedtime, OOB = final out of bed time in morning, DO = Disembodied Observer

    Summary of the Night
    • BT: ~23:25 , OOB: ~08:07, fitbit score: 87 (7:48 asleep, 0:59 awake, 1:30 deep, 1:45 REM, 95%); supps: omnk
    • Wakings:
      1. 03:46 right BTS, NO b/r!, no recall <<<<< First time in a VERY VERY long time that I don't pee at about 2hrs! I do not remember this waking
      2. 05:23 b/r, good recall, BTS fail (maybe dozed off, but no more dreams). Too much mental activity. Need to aim for total relax, total blank of mind immediately, and hold it

    W2: Fake Voice in Call
    I call my old priest Fr. J on the phone. I hear his voice. I am disguising my voice at first. We talk a bit, he doesn't understand who's calling, then I stop disguising my voice and say, "It's me! <my correct full name>! Remember, we played billiards before". (I don't remember if he recognized me or not).

    W2: Shower/Drain
    (S/A being outside in twilight/dark, nature/farm environment). I'm in a shower [rare], I'm adjusting the temperature and the strength, dim lighting, I'm also adjust the the fabric shower curtain around me. Later I'm inspecting the (carpeted?) floor, there are two small white plastic "periscopes" sticking up from the floor, I think (S/O says?) that these are connected to the room's drain system.

    W2: Bowling
    I'm a bowling alley. Dim lighting [DS]. A group of us (kids?) are there. I'm observing the shots that the guy in the neighboring lane is making, and thinking about them. I do not see him, the view is a 1st person view looking down the alley from the foul line towards the pins. I see the ball rolling towards the pins over the course of many shots. The first shot has a curve to it and he gets the 7 pin. Almost all the positions are with only the 7 pin (maybe once with the lone 10 pin) and the guy is working on a spare. Never a full set of pins. Later shots have a 7 pin, without curve, and the ball usually goes into the left gutter. Then I'm talking with my guys/kids and asking them if they want the kids rails set up, and they say yeah it's much better with them (and they say it's good for me, too?). But I wonder, if I get a personal best record with the kids rails set up, will my record count? We "finish" our turn and I'm talking to the staff to set us up again on the same lanes. "Yes I'd like to play again on lanes 3 and 4". Standing a bit to the right of "our" lanes when I say this. There are some columns supporting the ceiling running down the right side of the rightmost of our two lanes.

    W2: Around the Nuclear Research Facility
    [DO] outside a large building which is at least 100 meters away, and below me. I'm looking through glass walls [DS] to watch what's going on inside. Narrator or S/O says that they do research here on materials exposed to nuclear radiation, (to find materials that resist it well). I think that's useful research.

    Around "back" of the facility, which may be a shopping mall now, I see tons of junk/stuff/garbage piled up to be hauled away. There are some very large cardboard packing boxes (the size of refrigerators) there. There are a couple of guys hauling stuff out from the back entrance and piling them up here. I think this process will take a long time (all night) and they'll be busy clearing away all this stuff. We have the idea of going inside. The guy I'm with says "hey, let's use the PIO twin ion entrance (some phrase like that). I see a closed door that the guy means we should go through. I know that the PIO moniker means the entrance hallway contains poisonous materials, I say that and that we can't go in there.

    Standing w/guy inside a small room, a trailer, looking at a set of shelves along the wall. The shelves are filled with the logbooks of the guys who work at the facility. There are dozens and dozens of these books all stacked and piled up on these shelves. I see initials printed on some of these books, like "J.B.". As I'm looking/touching, there is an avalanche of these logbooks that falls down [things falling down= DS] onto the floor/into a bin. I'm working then on picking them up and putting them back in place. It's going to take a long time and I don't want to finish the task, I'm looking at the pile of books in the bin and decide that there were already a lot of them there like that so I just stop.


    2023-08-15 SB red hair, locker, pool/goggles, books, wiring outlet, pick up cake, order fast food

    by FryingMan on 08-15-2023 at 11:03 AM

    Colors: Lucid, Semi-lucid, Non-lucid
    [comment from waking] in angle brackets
    (comment / clarification from dreaming) in parentheses
    Abbreviations: DS = dream sign, CH = childhood home, S1/S2 = sons, S/O = someone, S/A = something about, [f] = fragment, b/r = bathroom trip, Wn = waking #n, BT = bedtime, OOB = final out of bed time in morning, DO = Disembodied Observer

    Summary of the Night
    • BT: ~23:25 (23:30 FB) , OOB: ~08:33?, fitbit score: 86 (7:52 asleep, 0:57 awake, 1:23 deep, 1:52 REM, 90%); supps: none
    • Wakings:
      1. 01:00 b/r, no recall
      2. 03:50, no memory of this waking, no recall (Lena moving in bed?)
      3. 05:40, b/r, recall, long BTS battle, eventually victory, about 07:00, light delving, reset some intent briefly
      4. 08:14 final waking, recall, delving

    W3: SB red hair
    In a room with ex-GF SzBntn, she is very short [shorter than waking], and she had short (just to top of traps) very orange, light orange hair. It had a slight curl to it at the bottom. She was walking away from me in the room, and she was complaining about her dissertation. (I come up to her at a table, lean on the table, and say "how can I help"?). There is a row of professors standing in the room.

    W3: Locker room & washing machine
    I'm in a locker room [DS] walking along a row of lockers looking for mine. Some lockers have grates on top of the door, a fine mesh like a screen door mesh. It seems like my locker is not here, I don't recognize it even through I'm standing in the right spot, maybe they put a grate on top of it? I reach for "my" locker and apply a long cylindrical key and open the door.

    S/A some guy using a washing machine to wash the (blood?) out of his clothes.

    W3: Super deep pool
    I'm standing at one end of a massively deep diving/swimming pool, 40 feet or more deep. It is long and rectangular and set outside in daylight. I'm thinking that swimming at the top of this will be like flying. I'm in the pool, and I see floating nearby my yellow [true] swim goggles. I reach for them several times but I can't grasp them, on the third try I finally can grab them. There is a short rectangular "warmup" pool area in the middle of the short end of the big pool. I'm in this, there are other people standing nearby, I'm thinking S/T about this warm-up pool.

    W3: Fragments
    Conversation about "What books are you reading?" I'm answering this question, I name some books, they all seem to be fantasy books, (I see the pile of books before me?)

    "Reprogram the fate machine because it's free" -- there is a machine (that controls fate?) that is controlled / parameterized by burning incense sticks (?), we come across this machine, and there are no attendants, so we can use this opportunity to reprogram it [weak memory, forgot this at first, even after reading this phrase, finally came back]

    W4: Wiring Outlets
    Standing outside a trailer/apartment, there are new people (immigrants?) inside it, a man and a woman, of modest means. I think they're going to redecorate, that they have rolls of material (blinds/wallpaper?) that they're going to use. They are proud of their modest home. I'm looking in at them (just the woman is there visible) through slatted blinds. Then I'm with a man (same man?) and we're wiring and installing up a pair of electrical outlets. There is a central screw that holds the outlet into its box/frame and I discover that installing this screw really makes the rest of the installation easier. He asks me if I connected the "return" line, and I say I didn't, because the outlet is already connected to ground. He says an expert really recommends connecting this line between the outlets because it provides a "return path" for the current. I think that sounds like a good idea and we should do it if it was recommended.

    W4: Pick up cake [DS]
    Outdoors in a group of people on some vague concrete walkway (bridge?), someone is sweeping up pine needles/pine cones, and I move to help/take over and pick up and remove this pile, but the organizer of the clean-up directs me to remove the desserts that are on the side. There are two (chocolate?) cakes on the ground, on a sort of large sheet of chocolate that is already melted in to the concrete, I need to scrape up this base layer first before I can move the cakes. There are little edible decorations on top of the cakes like little flowers. I'm moving these cakes off to the side. A small dog (my dog J?) comes and sniffs around and will probably eat these cakes, so we need to better take them away, somebody offers a cake box and I start to pack the cake into the box.

    W4: Ordering Fast Food [DS]
    I'm in a city back in the US (Seattle?), I think now that I'm back here I can order some fast food [DS] like Taco Bell or Jack in the Box, but I "know" it's close to closing time so I'd better order delivery quickly online using the computer. [visuals fuzzy]. S/A not sure which city the restaurant is located in.

    W4: Fragments
    Theme of doing something in a group of young people (making a bomb or other small objects?). I'm holding some object in my hand, a drain piece, and I'm checking it for leaks by feeling all around it and trying to detect and dampness.


    2023-08-14 billiards, office laser tag, morning after party

    by FryingMan on 08-14-2023 at 03:25 PM

    Colors: Lucid, Semi-lucid, Non-lucid
    [comment from waking] in angle brackets
    (comment / clarification from dreaming) in parentheses
    Abbreviations: DS = dream sign, CH = childhood home, S1/S2 = sons, S/O = someone, S/A = something about, [f] = fragment, b/r = bathroom trip, Wn = waking #n, BT = bedtime, OOB = final out of bed time in morning, DO = Disembodied Observer

    Summary of the Night
    • BT: ~23:45 OOB: ~08:30, fitbit score: 79 (FB: 7:25 asleep, 1:22 awake, 0:51 deep, 1:18 REM, 72%); supps: omnk
    • BUT! Really was up from about 2:22 to 4:19, upset from a painful competitive loss in the evening, couldn't get back to sleep, got up, dogs got up, then wife got up, we all went outside and peed (well the dogs did haha), then went to bed.
    • dreams were fairly long and vivid, detail has faded, need to get to recall *instantly* upon waking
    • Wakings:
      1. 02:25 b/r, no recall, up a LONG time (see above), about 2 hours
      2. 07:58, b/r, recall

    W2: Office Laser Tag
    In a dark office, running around between cubes, playing laser tag? Or something more serious? [Memory has faded on details and how intense it was]

    W2: Morning After Party [DS]
    I'm walking outside with my dog G, we come across something on the ground I see is a dead skunk and something else perhaps, I say "No, G!" when he starts to sniff around it. Walking farther, I hear voices coming from the other side of a fence I'm walking along. I think these are the voices of drunk people still partying from the night before. I come around the fence and see my wife L (?) in a fairy godmother dress, she "snaps on" the front part of this dress as I watch. I'm jealous, I think she's been spending time with other people.

    W2: Billiards
    I'm lining up a shot on a billiards table. I'm standing at the left corner of the table and leaning over the table with my cue stick. The cue ball is still rolling from the previous person's shot. While still rolling I start manipulating the cue ball with my cue stick positioning it for a good shot for some balls on the far side of the table, aiming for the opposite (far right) corner. I think this may not be quite right, and as I think this someone says "hey, can you do that? was there a foul?" I ignore this and keep lining up my shot but am not hurrying it up a little. I stop positioning the cue ball and plan to use strong left English to make the shot, as my desired object ball is very close to another ball and I can't get enough angle on it, so I decide to try to use "throw". I position my cue on the extreme left side and slowly stroke. I end up double-tapping the cue ball, and the shot is weak, so that no ball hits a rail after contact. I know this is a foul and that my opponent will have ball-in-hand next.
    [strong recall of this scene because I woke directly form it]

    W2: Fragment
    Something outside with people?