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      Your posts have been ones of the most inspirational for my journey. I would really appreciate if you could give your take on my MILD version I published in the Attaining Lucidity section.
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      Hi dude I didnt know about the book " The Ultimate Lucid Dreamer’s Manual: From Basics to Beyond".
      It seems quite interesting to read and is free !
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      Too cool! Cleared out some space for you...
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      Oh, so I can't pm you then?
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      Hi frying man, I was wondering, could I ask you a question?
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      Hiya, FryingMan! Just wanted to say that you're such an inspiration! I always look forward to reading your posts.
    7. It's all about the dreams, the awareness, not the counts . I had an amazing, long, maybe-sometimes-semi-lucid weird nap dream today. LDs are great, but recalling all those dreams every night is the best.
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      I can't believe you're beating me
      I've had a horrible dryspell ever since the last comp ended! T^T
      Would you mind like taking a break for like a year so I can catch up?? (jk)
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      Hey pal!
      Glad to see you're still dedicated to LDing!
      But I guess you'll be for the rest of your life, so no surprise there!

      I wonder, DV is the most active LDing site on the net, and we are constantly active here, especially you. So are we like one of the most dedicated LDers in the world? v
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      You should come to Chat again sometime, it was fun that time you did
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    About FryingMan

    Basic Information

    About FryingMan
    LD Count:
    Part I: Beginnings

    Before my LD practice, I had a typical experience with dreaming: most nights I remembered nothing. If a dream was not particularly emotional I usually didn't remember it. Once in a rare while I'd experience a very vivid dream and remember it clearly (very few). I have treasured memories of flying dreams from childhood, and some childhood nightmares about a bogeyman who chased me and when he caught me all the monsters came flying out all around. I could go weeks or months without any significant dream memories in the morning. (I shudder now to think of those dreamless times!).

    I got into LD practice via my son, who regaled me with tales of his WILD adventures. I never paid too much attention to them, being somewhat dismissive initially, but one night in summer, 2013, sleeping out in the country I had a strange experience: I felt that I woke in the night, sat up in bed in the room I was sleeping in, and heard footsteps crunching on the leaves that sounded like someone was immediately outside my (widely opened) window. I salt bolt upright in bed, and looking out the window think I saw (or perhaps sensed) a shadowy, strong and perhaps malevolent presence outside the window. I felt entirely and completely awake. I returned to sleep, and the next morning I couldn't decide if I had been awake or not during that experience, and I was suddenly very interested in lucid dreaming. As is my wont, I immediately started searching for resources to learn more. I soon learned about ETWOLD, started reading it, and was instantly hooked.

    The rest is history. The very first night that I set intention to remember my dreams, to wake during the night to recall dreams, I recalled about 4-5 dreams during the night and recorded them in my DJ! I was so excited! Dream recall seemed natural and magical. I was on vacation, in a quiet, dark place, far away from the noisy city, sleeping alone in my own room.

    In the days and weeks that followed, I practiced everything that LaBerge recommended: critical reflection/intention moments during the day, RCs, prospective memory exercises, setting intention at night to recall and to journal dreams.

    When I felt that I had built up a decent base of recall, I started trying nighttime techniques like MILD, SSILD, and WILD. That's when the bubble burst a bit: I discovered the horrors of middle-of-the-night INSOMNIA. When I was just recalling dreams and heading right back to sleep I had no trouble returning to sleep and dreams. But these night-time visualization and awareness-boosting approaches left me wired wide awake, and many nights I missed the best REM dreaming periods to insomnia.

    I kept desiring to return to out place outside of the city on the weekends, and sometimes did, so I could recreate those quiet, dark, still conditions that I began LD practice with. And on one such weekend trip exactly one month to the day after I first set intention to recall dreams, I had my first lucid dream!

    It came, as many did afterwards, at the end of a long and particularly vivid, highly present dream at the end of the night. My first LD was an incredibly memorable experience, and I'm thankful that it lasted more than an instant, in fact it was around 45-seconds to a minute in length.

    My second LD came exactly one week after my first, also on weekend night.

    The lucid dreams were mind blowing -- but equally awesome were the nights full of vivid, weird, wacky, sexy, fun and funny non-lucid dreams. In my first flying dream, which was very vivid, I faced down and defeated my childhood dream block of overhead power lines: during the day I visualized meeting them at the start of a flying dream, and facing them head on, flying right at them and breaking through them effortlessly -- and this is exactly what happened in my dream! I was laughing in pure happiness that I had once and for all beaten my old flying-restricting nemesis. Only a few more times did I meet the power lines, each time flying right through them without problem. This was a major accomplishment.

    Part II: The First Year (To Be Continued...)
    The Present Moment
    How you found us:
    reddit lucid dreaming side bar


    FryingMan's Unified Theory of Lucid Dreaming: Pay Attention, Reflect, Recall -- Both Day and Night[link]
    FryingMan's Dream Recall Tips -- Awesome Links
    No amount of security is worth the suffering of a mediocre life chained to a routine that has killed your dreams.
    "...develop stability in awareness and your dreams will change in extraordinary ways" -- TYoDaS


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    Recent Entries

    2022-09-26 fair bit of dreaming, but recall slipped away

    by FryingMan on 09-26-2022 at 08:55 AM
    Catching up on previous night's short sleep, just not enough energy to recall and record during the night.

    one scene clearly remembered:

    +[f] I'm telling my younger son (young in the dream) that he can go get his black/red rubber boots

    + [vague] some flying around an area outside

    + [vague] something happening in an indoor classroom

    2022-09-25 vivid, long, lots of frisky time

    by FryingMan on 09-25-2022 at 08:30 AM
    No supplements, to bed not too late (15 mins after preferred), big vivid waking around 5 hrs, that plus major life stress meant I didn't get back to sleep so I just got up about 1.5-2 hours early and lay on the couch with the dog waiting for it to get light outside.

    + I was simultaneously me and some other guy in bed with his/my wife, getting frisky, we're kissing, she falls out of bed and laughs about it, gets back up, then our daughter comes into room, we say we're just playing, she jumps into bed and says "I want to play, too!", I roll my eyes thinking no "fun" tonight

    + rotating the handle to close a 2-part skylight that was leaking in the rain; two dishwashers, they recommend to use the less-automated one with the round dish holder. The entire dish tray is circular like a large donut, it's a strange form factor. The more normal dishwasher had something wrong with it

    + a purple couple being frisky, I tell them about the birds and the bees, they say "well THAT would have been good to know earlier!" and pull out a string of their (purple) kids from underneath the bed, I get frisky with the woman, this goes on for quite a while, it's pretty good

    + frisky time [detect the theme for the night?] with another woman who's in a room with some other men, then we're sitting around in a group talking about how it went

    (MEO 2022-09-25)

    +[f] there is blood on a crane, and it has turned blue

    + strategizing about how to defeat an enemy using advanced technology in the form of a car, and the enemy comes and steals the car

    + a pile of small, odd, round-ish gray devices on a wall, they are computer chips embedded in some sort of solidified powder

    + former work place, meeting with people sitting around a large table, meeting head says something like "and what about status from A, B, <myname>," my [former] manager who is sitting with me away from the table says "oh, he [me] is off the project, now 'Dale' is handling that", I wonder about this 'Dale'. I think Dale is a woman, and probably of Indian decent, I wonder how talented she is (I assume pretty good to be working there)

    2022-09-23 long sleep, few dreams

    by FryingMan on 09-23-2022 at 09:38 AM
    Tried 400mg L-theanine and 1g L-tryptophan at bedtime.

    Was in bed from around 22:30 to 07:50, a record for recent months, almost 9 hours!
    I usually estimate about 30 minutes of time awake in the night, meaning about 8.3 hours sleeping.

    Interestingly, there was very little dreaming that I recall.

    + writing with a pen that changes colors as you write

    + talking with musicians, that I play <main instrument>, but used to play trombone in 4th grade, and I could even hit a high "G" note at that time, the trombonists responded and said that's pretty good

    + [vague] with people in rooms, like a hostel, something about beds, bed sizes, and bedspreads


    + taking pics, someone comes to and demands to see what I've taken

    2022-09-22 short sleep, 3 short scenes

    by FryingMan on 09-22-2022 at 08:11 AM
    Late to bed, unavoidable due to fun evening activities .
    the range of 06:00 - 06:30 is converging on being a natural wake time. Drowsiness is pretty much gone by then, and the mind kicks in. Works well if I can get to bed by 22:30

    + In a sort of hub area in the center of an area with a lot of rooms around the periphery. I'm reading an electronic sign to try to see which room our commando team needs to storm to get the bad guys. I'm having trouble reading the screen, something about "34?" Then I see a clear "20" and I should out "It's 20! Go! Go! Go!"

    + In a bar, sort of half outdoors, low-class, like build of barrels, dirty, there is a guy from T-5 (Mon. Sal) there. I/they say something?

    + walking in a cave, I come to a point where the path rises up, curves to the left, goes back down, then turns to the right around a corner. From the top of the rise I look down and see some equipment, it is either a sensor or an automated weapon turret or a combination of both, and I know these are from the enemy. I quickly draw back down around the corner so I'm not in line of sight of the turret. I ponder taking another peek around the corner at the thing again (maybe I do, quickly?)

    2022-09-21 decent variety

    by FryingMan on 09-21-2022 at 06:16 PM
    Variety pretty good across a number of different wakings
    Starting to scratch down quick notes in the dark before returning to sleep, even a word or two helps remember the dream (but not all the detail, alas)

    + Halloween decorations at my childhood home, including a "joke" bottle-through-the-window that I laughed at and asid "oh I get it", also there were a ton of large inflatable ghost balloons all over the place, I tried to move one from my room to my parent's room, but the entrance to their room was blocked by the things, so I put it in my sister's room, where my son was now staying, and I wondered what he thought of that.

    + beach map show where 's good to swim, [deceased] 1st wife shows where they were, I show where I was, where it's good to swim, and that I happened to go along that route searching for the place that she said was good

    + lion room the large male squeezes through to next room where our dog is, Lena goes there to save him, leaving me in the lion rom, I'm standing against the wall and hope they won't eat me

    + meat party, I smell the meat, I say "smells delicious", the womean like this their men usually don't giv ecomplements, slicing the eat, see the fat and lean, they show how to separate it, "if you eat this you'll never get hungry"

    + "get the (bike?) from the car" means from the way back under the floor board, some man smiles and shakes my hand?

    Ken (actor Seth Rogen) from Freaks & Geeks eats my little green habanero from my plant, I sday "uh, that's a habanero" then I see the plant see the peppers up close they're starting to shievl I don't know if that means if they're dying or getting ripe, notice that most of thesoil is out of the pot, need to add it back
    Then I see the ripe peppers and try them , brown chilinders, taste like chocolate, there are orange parts too, I run to other part of room to tell peopel that my peppers are raedy and taste like chocolate!

    In a room with some late teen boys, one is playing with lego, he is reluctant to go to school (universyity) because it means leaving home, I tell him "it's ok, it's only like 2 blocks away, and yo'll have fund there, learn neat things, and meet girls, and can always come back to see your lego

    final: group of kids loading up, the "cool" group wants to stay togethem

    you can't serve fresh halloween candy to kids these days, I tsk tsk and quietly think to myself, as the (mom?) shows a tray of fresh hallooween candy that she plans to serve to the kids