Hello everybody,

I wanted to tell you a bit about a recent lucid dream I had recently and am wondering if anyone has had anything similar happen to them?. First I will tell you a little about my experience and history with lucid dreaming.

I have never really pushed the boundaries of lucid dreaming, never kept dream journals or any of that but about every few months since I was a little kid (I m 31 now) while sleeping I would become aware that I was dreaming and could take control. I have never had much of an interest to push it much further then that, always just looked at it as a fun night of sleep.

A few nights ago I had a very unique lucid dream and am curious if anyone had any insight, or maybe have experienced something similar. I Don't think anything about my recent experience one way or another yet but it is still very vivid to me even a week after that I thought I would post it.

Ok so I didn't become aware I was dreaming until about half way through my dream and when I did the usual debauchery followed, flying, sex with teachers I use to have a thing for (Don't judge lol, for those who care the setting for my dream when I became lucid was a detached class room, we called them portables, at the elementary school I attended). It then dawned on me I have the ability to speak directly to my subconscious and I thought I would take advantage of this rare opportunity. I am a musician by trade in my waking life so I manifested a piano in the room I was in . I then asked all the people/characters in my dream that were present around me, if they had any ideas for melodies that they might want to share with me. A few of my dream characters obliged me and played me something on the piano for me to take with me outside of my dream into the real world. What happened next is where it got interesting. I notice a man sitting down at one of the classroom desks that I have obviously never seen before in dreams or in life but still I seem to know him, and I am still completely lucid but it was like instinctive I knew who he was. He def did not feel like one of my dream characters, he felt very different, that is the only way I can put it, it was just instinctive. He wasn't threatening, he wasn't scary, he was very polite as matter of fact. I point to him and say "what about you? can you play me something on the piano?" he says "sure I can show you a few licks". He got up and on his way to sit at the piano I asked his name and he said "Grizzly O'Reilly" and then said 'but you know who I really am don't you?", I said "yes, your the devil". He seemed to approve I had recognized him as he sat down at the piano. He then said "before he could play or show me anything on the piano we had to work some stuff out and he offered me a deal, briefly mentioning causally what was great about this deal were all the perks I would enjoy, these were his words. I have had lucid dreams before and this one felt very different, I was even more hyper aware then normal for being in a dream state, so without hesitation I politetly declined the deal telling him I was in love with someone now and it wouldn't be worth it for me to take the deal and even though I suffer from young onset parkinson's I would have to pass. I did thank him tho for his time and thats right when I woke up.

Now let me make tho clear I am not saying it was the actual devil, as I stated earlier I do not have an opinion about this yet. I have never dreamed anything like this before and it felt very different then any other lucid dream I have ever had . I am not a very religious by any means either. The only thing I know for sure as this was definitely very different and I feel like I wasn't alone with my own subconscious this time around.

I have explored things like it being some kind of actual being (Devil or not) to it being a reflection of a darker part of my self or he and the deal he was offering representing a temptation I might be dealing with in real life for something that could be considered negative.

Please feel free to share your thoughts or experiences you feel might be relevant. Also is anyone has any actual literature you think I might find interesting pertaining to any part of my story please share as well.

SIDE NOTE - I had a false awakening where I became lucid just this morning this is only the second time this particular sort of thing has happened to me and I have never had to lucid experiences this close before. Not really relevant but thought I would share.

Have an awesome day everybody