Hi, I'm Abintra and I'm new.
I guess I'll start with my very first memory of lucid dreaming. I was in Target, very unaware that I was in a dream, and I looked at a product and checked the price tag. "Why was it written in some form of Greek and illegible gibberish? I think this is a dream!" I thought. Immediately I jumped into the air but only made it to the roof of Target making a very tall arch. I had attempted to fly. Then a few large men, possible apes (it was hazy) ran at me as if my lucidity was forbidden. Thats when I obtained the will to fly. Soon after bursting through the ceiling of Target, the Earth below me turned into an ocean. I soared past ships and found myself in a New York style city (never been) past skyscrapers and buildings. I flew into a building, ran into a wall, and tried to talk to the hazy images that I know were people somehow. Then I woke up astounded by the entire scenario. I ran to my computer and searched for this incredible phenomenon. Then I got into lucid dreaming for about a week and forgot all about it. Sadly.