The dream starts out as I am walking up to a woman named Mrs. Waterloo and an unknown male. I quickly learn that Mrs. Waterloo is my mother, we have a conversation which I can not recall. Quickly the scene changes to me and some unknown guy inside of some corporate building with multiple wishing wells. My partner decides to rob the wishing wells while I continue to tell him no. We end up inside some sort of church chapel as I am talking to some of the ladies. Finally I wake up. I then fall asleep soon after and yet again I encounter Mrs. Waterloo and her unknown friend. The incomprehensible conversation commences and I am yet again transported to the corporate building with the wishing wells only this time I am the one stealing from them, and I have a novelty backpack of some sort. The scene switches to the security room of the building and they are talking about a robber robbing the wishing wells. I then switch back to my point of view and I start running because I know I have been caught. I decide to hide behind a wall which is when I do my first reality check. I look at my hands and they start to double. I think to myself I must be dreaming so I bite my lip for a second reality check and sure enough I cannot feel the pain. I then say out loud "increase vividness" and the dream gets a little clearer. This is when I decide to jump out and face my pursuers. One of them has a gun on me and he tells me to stop, I tell him that he should just put his gun down, but he wouldn't listen to me which confused me, because I'm used to being able to somewhat control my lucids, however I couldn't control this one at all. I decided to run, after which I finally get caught and they decide to taze me. The scene then switches to me getting processed into prison. I reality check once again to make sure I am still dreaming and I was. The guard then leaves the room and allows me to change into my prison clothes. As I am doing so I look into the mirror but everything looks fine, I look away and look back again and let out a big laugh as my face has changed into something funny. I continue to look away and look back and each time my face changes into something else. After a few more double takes I wake up again. But again I fall asleep shortly after. Oh hello again Mrs. Waterloo... This time I immediately do my reality check and sure enough I am dreaming still. I proceed to walk up and slap Mrs. Waterloo in the face multiple times. She runs away and I start to chase her. As she is running away screaming for my "dad" I'm chasing after her saying "come back here" Finally she opens a door and slams it in my face. I knock on the door really hard and then turn and walk through a different door and that is when I wake up and cannot fall back asleep.

Quite an interesting experience if you ask me lol.