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    Thread: Had A Lucid Dream From Within A Normal Dream That I Thought Was Reality

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      Had A Lucid Dream From Within A Normal Dream That I Thought Was Reality

      I was in a dream before I entered the lucid dream. In the dream I thought it was real life. I was lying in bed next to my girlfriend. My roommate was on the other side of the dorm room as usual. While I was trying to go back to sleep in the dream (because I thought it was reality) I started having what I thought to be a Wake Induced Lucid Dreaming (WILD). It couldn't have been that because I was already in a dream but it felt very similar. I experienced that until I finally started approaching a dream where I tried to imagine a scenery. There I was in a beautiful green forest. It was kind of hazy so I used the hand rubbing technique and everything became more lucid. I was being chased by some people. So I tried using magic out of my hands, and white bubble came out and pushed them away. I walked further in the forest and saw a horse, I rode it. It felt super real riding it! Exactly like riding an actual horse. The dream comes to an end and here comes the most interesting part. I wake up back in the dream where I thought was reality at first, but still thinking it is reality. I tried to go back to sleep to have another lucid dream and immediately I started experiencing the like WILD feeling. I was in the process of entering another lucid dream again but then I heard my roommate drop something and my girlfriend sighs about it. So I asked myself whether I should wake myself up or ignore it and still enter the lucid dream (remember I still think this is reality) I decide to wake myself up from the process of lucid dreaming to the actual dream that I thought was reality. Apparently roommate spilled hot water all over my desk. I asked him if he cleaned it and he said no so I had to get up to clean it myself. In the middle of cleaning it I hear a girl's voice telling my girlfriend, "Mom, come help me sleep." Then without knowing why I reply, "Your Mom is tired, just go back to bed." I never looked at the girl because I'm still cleaning. Then it hits me, "Wait, I don't have a daughter." Then I wake up to reality.
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      So much mind fuck in one dream

      I've actually had one dream which i though was reality, but then something bad happened, and I told myself : "Let's wait, maybe this is a dream and i'll wake up soon." At that time i didn't know about lucid dreaming at all.
      Don't worry if you haven't got your LD after 2 weeks, not even a month or two... It may even take a year, but remember - never give up.

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