This one happened in 2010.

It is called the spiders in the lawn.

I had a fear dream. I guess I was trying to break into a house to retrieve something. I went through the back in tall grass on the side of the house. I witnessed a huge spider about the size of my hand, orange in color. It seemed to be minding its own business. I was scared but I stepped bravely around it, and towards the back of the house.

The grass is taller. I noticed a window and I feel like I'm supposed to go through it. However I noticed on top of the window is a spider sitting there about the size of black Beach ball! I was so frightened that I fell in the grass. That did not help the situation. The grass had thousands of smaller spiders residing in it! (Scary)

Trying to get out I became semi-lucid. I was aware of my surroundings. I remembered from advice long ago that if I tried spinning around the scenery would change.

I did so, but Instead I became awake.

This came from my dream journal that I had long ago. I don't know why I abandoned it, but I'm glad I'm sharing this forgotten gem with you guys now.